Displaying Your Customized Folders




If you've created your own set of customized folders or just have some folders that you want easy access to, this idea works great.   I originally placed my folders in a basket, and they looked quite pretty, but the basket was big and bulky.  A few weeks ago I was at Ikea and saw a cute little wooden plate rack {under $3.00} that can be used, as the name indicates, to display pretty plates.   While looking around my craft room for ideas my eye came upon the plate rack.  I placed the folders in it and loved the way it all came together.  The folders can remain on my desk and allow easy access for filing.

hugs, mb

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  1. Jennifer Schmidt says:

    Hi Mary Beth 🙂 Hope you're having a wonderful summer so far! I miss you- it's hard to get in as many blog visits as usual during the summertime because we get so busy doing outside things.

    I love this! You are always full of great ideas and this one is no exception. What a pretty way to display folders. I'm sitting here looking at our computer desk thinking it could be a lot prettier!

  2. Nicole@BugaboosCreations says:

    Great idea and so cute too! Thanks for sharing!