A few months ago I did a post about Customized Manila Folders and promised a follow up.  I had everything cut up…all I needed to do was “put things together” ….. and there it all sat in a nice pile…for weeks, and weeks  and weeks…. but…. I finally glued everything together and took pictures…whew!

These folders were so easy and fun to make-just basic manila folders, scrapbook paper & doo dads and some extras I downloaded from The Vintage Moth.


This folder contains pictures and ideas for my Home.  I had some flocked scrapbook paper which formed the first layer of this folder, the doors are a download from The Vintage Moth as is the “address tab” at the top right, and some “letters” from Martha Stewart spelling home {purchased at Michael’s}.  The gold door handles were from the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.


I like to keep track of my garden-what worked, what didn’t, what I liked and what I disliked form year to year including pictures, seed packets, etc. and that is what this folder will be used for.


The “AWAKE” tag is from The Vintage Moth {I used photo corners to hold this in place}, the yellow flower spins {I like to add texture to my folders} and there is a a 3-dimensional flower with a rhinestone in the center tab.


I have had love letters, poems and cards from my husband in a box…but I wanted to put some of them in a folder to read on special occasions and that is what I created this folder for.  I used scrapbook paper, downloads from The Vintage Moth, various scrapbooking rub-ons, another bargain bin doo dad from Wal-Mart and some seam bias.


Last but not least I made a folder to hold cupcake recipes and pictures.


This folder is the least ornate-just some scrapbook paper, a glitter coated cardboard letter, recycled ribbon from a gift box and yet another Wal-Mart bargain bin doo dad!

secretarial hugs, mb

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