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I finally figured out the secret to staining lattice without pulling your hair out!

My pool deck was a nightmare.  I thought it would be such a good idea when I had the pool put in to have a deck with LOTS of pretty lattice around it {27 lattice panels to be exact…each and every one of them “rough” stain sucking wooden nightmares}.  My sun room, which is about 10 feet from the pool is cedar…the swing about 20 feet from the pool is cedar…so what choice did I make for staining the pool deck and lattice… thought I was going to say cedar, didn’t you?  No…REDWOOD!!!! I really think I must have left my brain in the car when I did this……still can’t figure that one out and I was THERE and paid for it…hmmmm scary. 

For years I have hated that deck and the lattice.  It never looked “right” and staining the lattice was such a time consuming endeavor taking 3 full days to do each panel front and back.  Last year I decided to strip the entire deck and each and every panel of the redwood finish and stain it cedar.  Well, I started the stripping process going through literally gallons and gallons of stripper and never got it completely stripped.  My husband let me go {I was like a pit bull hanging on to this project} but this spring he decided to take matters into his own hands and stain the deck portion and all of the posts cedar.  When it came to the lattice he asked me what “we” were going to do. 

I have a spray paint “thingy” that you put the stain in, pump it up and spray away-I HATE that thing.  We wanted something that was quick and easy.  Sometimes I only have 15 minutes at a time for a DIY project so stirring, pouring, spraying and then cleaning up the “thingy” is more than I had time for.  We had the bright idea to see if anyone made a Spray Paint Stain.  I looked on line and found that Krylon indeed had.  We were so excited!  I looked high and low locally and could not find the product but Krylon came to my rescue and provided the product for this review.

I was able to spray 9 of the panels front and back in less than an hour.  This was so much easier than I could have imagined.  It actually worked as it was supposed to.  No mess, no clean up and easy to use.  What more could you ask for?  When spraying the stain from the inside of the deck to the outside I didn’t use any tarps or covering and did not need to.  When spraying in towards the pool I used a large piece of cardboard to protect the inner surfaces and that was enough to do the trick.


{see the cardboard?}

What used to take 3 days using traditional brush and stain methods took less than 4 hours from start to finish.  A few days after staining we had some heavy rains-I went out to check the pool and when assessing the lattice-the water was BEADING off of it-just like the product description stated…it was water repellent.  I am so pleased with this product and highly recommend it for any staining projects you have-the bigger and more tedious the better!

Corner Before

Corner Before

Corner After

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Panel Before


Panel After

Staining lattice - Panel-after from

 I really do love this product and will be using it again…and again….and again…and it definitely made this previous DIY dread enjoyable and easy! 

The Krylon Exterior Semi-Transparent Wood Stain comes in four great shades.






Honey Gold


Rustic Brown



Brief Product Overview:

Dry to touch in 15 minutes

Dry to handle 24 – 48 hours

For use with wood.

UV Fade protection & Water Repellant

hugs, mb

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