Easy-to-Make Envelope Pillow :: One Pillow Five Styles from Cupcakes and Crinoline


One yard of fabric – I used Waverly Pen Pal Parchment fabric

16 x 16 inch pillow form


Sewing Machine



Cut fabric 17 inches wide {allowing 1/2 inch for a seam allowance on each side} by 37 inches long.  The length allows there to be, again, a 1/2 inch seam allowance top and bottom with an approximate 5 inch overlap to achieve the envelope look.

Fold over and iron 1/2 inch on the top and bottom and then stitch across.

Next, wrap the fabric around your pillow and add a pin on each side to mark the overlap and to use these marks for your side stitching.

Stitch each side.  Press.  Turn right side out and press again and add your pillow form.

 To add some distinction I made a band the same width as my pillow (32 inches total around) x 9 inches (folded in half) and added a 1/2 inch seam to the back so that it had a snug effect once placed on the pillow.

Refer to Photos for more details