St. Patrick’s Day Craft – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or any day for that matter, with this adorable and easy to make shamrock pinwheel – it’s basically a green flower pinwheel but we’ll call it a shamrock pinwheel!
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For every holiday I try to make at least ONE kid’s craft.  St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away so I needed something quick and easy.  I found the directions for this Shamrock Pinwheel in Family Fun magazine March 2014 issue along with a link for the Spinning Shamrock (download by clicking here) template.


Green Cardstock – I like to use Astrobrights for crafting

Green Pencil – You can find cute pencils at Target, the Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc.


Craft Scissors

Bone Folder


I used green cardstock to print out the shamrock template and then cut it out using sharp scissors.

I folded the area marked with the dotted line inward and then placed a thumbtack in the center and attached this to a pencil eraser.

*Be sure to leave enough space between the shamrock and the eraser to allow for spinning.

Shamrock-PinwheelMy little guy had so much fun ~ at first he was blowing way too hard and then he figured it out pretty quickly…slow and steady wins the race!