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How To Make a Copper Planter from a Clay Pot

A simple DIY project that will turn an inexpensive clay or terracotta pot into a beautiful copper planter that’s perfect for succulents, both faux and real.

Metallic copper terracotta pot with a faux succulent on top of a wood slice in front of a black background

How-To Give a Clay Pot the Look of a Copper Planter

It’s the time of year where my mind starts going toward spring and summer and gardening but since it’s not possible to start any gardening where I live just yet, I’m turning my attention toward adding some plants (or at least faux ones for now) to my home decor.

It appears that the look of copper decor is still trending and rather than run out and buy a bunch of copper accessories, I wanted to get the look of an upscale copper planter with a simple clay pot and copper paint and share it with you so that you can do the same thing easily and inexpensively.

To add some dimension to this particular copper planter, I used rubber bands to create a flowing pattern with a beautiful peacock blue peeking out. I love the play of the blue against the copper. Do you?

Supplies for making a terracotta clay pot copper planter


One clay (terracotta) pot and saucer

Package of rubber bands

Paintbrush or sponge brush

Metallic paint in copper and peacock pearl – I used DecoArt Metallic paints

Faux succulent or live plant – your choice!


Copper Metallic painted clay pot saucer and peacock pearl blue metallic paint on clay pot

Paint one coat of the copper paint on the clay saucer.

Paint one coat of the metallic peacock pearl paint on the clay pot, outside only.  When dry, proceed to next step.

Painted clay pot with rubber bands for adding design

Place rubber bands on pot crisscrossing and place as desired.

One coat of copper paint on clay pot with rubber bands

Paint one coat of copper paint over the peacock pearl and rubber bands. Allow to dry and then repeat.

Painted clay pot with rubber bands

Once totally dry, remove rubber bands.

I found that rather than pull the rubber bands off of the pot, it was best to pull each rubber band up slightly and cut with sharp scissors.

Metallic copper planter with a succulent

If using this for a faux plant, add plant foam to the pot, add plant and top off with Spanish moss.

If using for a live plant, add dirt and plant.


Overhead view of faux succulents and ferns in copper planters

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY as part of the Craft Lightning series! Click the photo below to see more 15 Minute or Less Clay Pot Crafts.



Monday 16th of March 2020

could a person use copper spray paint and a green/blue or teal spray paint

Mary Beth

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Hi Linda. I have only done it with the paint that I show in the post but you could give it a try with the spray paint. I looked up a few tutorials and people have had success with that option.

Julie Briones

Sunday 28th of April 2019

Okay, that is stinkin' adorable, and downright lovely! IT would be pretty to reverse the colors, too! Love those metallic paints! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, friend!

Mary Beth

Sunday 28th of April 2019

Thank you so much, Julie, and I agree, the colors in reverse would be beautiful. Now, you have me thinking!

Angie Holden

Friday 23rd of March 2018

Copper is the best! Thanks for joining!

Mary Beth

Friday 23rd of March 2018

Thanks for letting me participate in the hop! It's always a pleasure. :)