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11 Home Office Organization Ideas11 awesome and cheap home office organization ideas

My home office is in a small area of my home.  I switched from a large armoire desk to a smaller desk to a table-type desk.  With each switch I have had less and less storage space but in a way I like it.  The look is far less cluttered and I find that I work better when I'm not surrounded by clutter.  That being said, I have had to get creative with organizing my home office items.

Below are my favorite ways to store my items while still maintaining a non-cluttered look and a decorative touch.

Thrift Store Cash Box used for home office organizing

I found this cash box at the thrift store for $1.99.  I was originally going to give it to one of my sons to use for school supplies or whatever they wanted but I decided to keep it.

Thrift Store Cash Box with stamps, gift cards and checks inside.

Top of vintage cash box

I need to organize it but I use it for stamps, gift cards, loyalty cards, library cards and checks.  Everything that falls into that category goes in this box.

Burlap Basket used for home office organization

I bought this burlap sack at Target a few years ago.  I added some decorative Duck Tape to the bottom and use it to hold binders.

Store inexpensive binders in burlap bags

I store colorful mini-binders in this sack.  Each binder has a different purpose - one is for business ideas, one for household ideas and the other is the keeper of passwords.

Organize paperclips and binder clips in small mason jars

I use small mason jars to hold paper clips and binder clips.  These are easily stackable and can be tucked away easily.

Store warranties and user manuals in small wire baskets.

I keep all of our user manuals and warranties in an inexpensive wire basket.  I bought this one at Target but you can get them just about anywhere!

Brown Kraft Envelopes used to track receipts and business expenses.

I have been using Brown Kraft Envelopes for years now to track business expenses.  I use one for each month of the year.  The back lists mileage and the front lists expenses.  I keep receipts tucked inside.  At the end of the year I gather up my envelopes and add them to my tax pile (ugh). This information, combined with a good online tax calculator, will make the task of itemizing deductions a tad bit easier on me. After all, tax season can get really tedious for even those who are prepared. I don't even want to think about approaching tax season without having all my ducks in a row.

Home Organizing - use wooden herb boxes to store books.

I like to keep books easily accessible but not messy.  I'm not a fan of book ends (they seem to always fall over for me) so instead I buy wooden boxes when I find them and sort books by author or purpose (cook books, craft books, etc.) and keep mini libraries in each box.  I can easily swap out the boxes as my interests change.

Plastic Organizer Envelopes

I like to use these plastic organizer envelopes for household receipts.  The small one holds store receipts and the larger one holds bills.  These both get tucked into the basket below.

Decorative Basket under desk for storage

Since my desk doesn't have drawers I make use of the under desk area for storage.  I want it to look pretty so I keep this fabric basket underneath to hold magazines, more books and the plastic envelopes.

Storage Cube for under the desk storage

This storage cube also is a nice foot rest for when I'm just leaning back and thinking in my chair and here's my big secret for this - I store my makeup, hair dryer and curling iron in here.  My house is small so I make use of every single space I can. With one bathroom I can't store my makeup in there....the bedroom is too small as well so this storage cube has been a sanity saver and it cost $20.00!

Tame your planner with a decorative band

 My last tip is one for taming your planner.  Mine is STUFFED with extra pages.  When I want to grab it and go or take it to another room I didn't like the way it would fall open so I bought this elastic band at JoAnn Fabrics.  It's originally meant to use when wrapping gifts but I thought it was so pretty and when I tried it out it fit my planner perfectly.  If you can't find one like this they sell planner bands (sort of like thick rubber bands) at office supply stores and on Amazon.

What are some of your favorite tips for organizing your home office? I would love to hear about them.

Organize your workspace with items from your favorite stores, Target and Ikea.

Organizing with a utility cart from Ikea - cupcakesandcrinoline.com

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  1. So many clever ideas, Mary Beth! I love all the creative ways you have found to keep an organized life. And prettily, too! 😉