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Thank A Teacher ~ Library in a Box Giveaway

disclosureWhen I think about school, beyond the friendships, I am thankful for what I learned.  So much of my schooling involved basics ~ the good old reading, writing and arithmetic.  I went to private, Catholic Schools, and while the teachers could be firm I always learned and learned well.  When I found myself a single parent it was the weekly spelling tests, Latin root word memorization and vocabulary classes that formed the very strong foundation for me to become a medical transcriptionist so that I could stay home with my children.  My grammar skills and attention to detail landed me my first office job and my math skills and ability to do complex math problems in my head helped me to get one promotion after another until I became the Director of Client Services for the company where I was employed.  It was all of those basic skill sets that helped me to not panic, to realize that I could and would figure things out, and that I had what it took to succeed during a very scary time in my life.  The foundation that my grade school teachers laid and that my high school teachers built upon are still with me today and I will always remember how much some of those teachers sacrificed to teach and to do it so very well.  

FedEX-TFA_banner_720x234A good education is a gift beyond measure and FedEx One Rate Countless Possibilities Through Education is a campaign all about encouraging education and giving that gift.  You can help support a school by voting on teacher-submitted videos at  FedEx Countless Possibilities.  The GRAND PRIZE winning school will receive $25,000.00.  Can you imagine the impact that would have for the better?


FedEx One Rate  is a great way to spread Holiday Cheer and to Help Support Education.  You can pack up a box, fill it to the brim, ship it for One Rate AND give at the same time.  For every FedEx One Rate shipment you make now through December 23rd, FedEx will donate $1 to Teach For America.  You can send Aunt Clara a box full of goodies and share the Countless Possibilities of Education at the same time.  After you ship your box you can come home and Tweet Aunt Clara to let her know her gift is on its way, tell her on Facebook or just share your Education Experience and add the hashtag #CountlessPossibilities and FedEx will donate another $1 to Teach For America, up to $300,00.00.  How awesome is that?  There’s also a chance for you to win a “Library in a Box” prize pack for yourself and another for a teacher you nominate in your community.   The prize pack includes:  Top 5 Best-Selling Books from Amazon for kids at the grade level (for teacher packs) and kids age (for parent packs), $50 Amazon gift card, Book plate stickers or a book plate stamp from Etsy and a Letter from FedEx/Countless Possibilities.  

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