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Hello everyone and welcome to this month's Thrifty Style post.  

I have a love for antiques but not all antiques - just certain ones. One of my "loves" is antique mirrors.  I only have three so far but each one is something special to me.  I bought one at a real antique store (I need to add a picture of that one to this post...I forgot about it!) and the other two are from my local thrift store.

Antique Gilded Baroque Mirror

Both of the thrift store ones are Gilded Gold and Baroque in style.  This one above is fairly large and cost only $9.99! When I first saw this mirror I didn't buy it....but I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back to the store hoping it would still be there and I am so glad it was.  I snatched it up (actually, I had my husband snatch is up - it was too big for me to carry) and off to the register we went.  

Antique-Mirror-Spring-Corner #antique #mirror

It is in amazing condition and the details are so beautiful.  For the time being it resides on a wall above a couch in our basement/family room and almost never gets to be enjoyed 🙁  I think I need to find a new spot to hang it soon so I can enjoy it. 


The second mirror is smaller, not as ornate and has some flaws but it was only $7.99 so I couldn't pass it up.  Right now it is in a hidden corner in my dining room (that's why the picture is iffy at best) but my vision is to add to my collection of similar mirrors and have a gallery wall of them in my next house.  

I hope you enjoyed my Thrifty Style Team share for the month – for more thrifty inspiration check out all of the posts below from my lovely friends! 


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  1. I have several yet to use vintage mirrors myself, tucked away hoping they won't break. Two came in handy over summer when I needed to quickly finish a bathroom makeover, and I'm sure they will stay there because they look great so why spend money? My latest find was from an auction, like you I forgot about it.... till now.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I'll bet your vintage mirrors are gorgeous, Miss Bliss!

  2. Margaret Qayyum says:

    I have a lovely mirror in my basement that's been there for years & I refuse to get rid of it. YAY, you've inspired me to find a place to hang it, now I'm anxious. Thank you!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      You're welcome, Margaret, and thank you so much for telling me about your mirror! I'll bet it will look beautiful wherever you decide to place it.

  3. Beautiful mirrors, MB!

  4. Your mirrors are gorgeous! I have a weakness for antique and vintage mirrors as well - I have several stashed away until I find the right spot for them!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Carrie! I would love to see your mirrors when you find the right spot - I know you'll do something beautiful with them.