Unique Dinner Party Themes for Mystery and Adventure

Have you been looking for family-friendly and thrilling mystery dinner party ideas? We have listed a selection that perfectly combines intrigue, fun, and even a touch of theatre in some cases. These ideas will bring more fun and excitement to your dinner parties. All these ideas are easy to set up, so you can enjoy them with your friends and family without worrying about spending too much time preparing the events. They are also great for team-building events, as they provide an opportunity for everyone to work together to solve the mystery. These ideas will make your dinner party a memorable one for everyone, from historical adventures to modern-day mysteries.

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1. Step Into A Murder Mystery Theme

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Host a murder mystery dinner party for your guests and decorate the entire venue as per the theme. Make sure to have detective hats, magnifying glasses, and crime scene tape, these are all great props to help set the scene. Guests can take on the role of detectives and use clues to solve the mysterious crime. To really add to the suspense, consider hiring an actor to play the part of the victim.

2. 1920s Speakeasy Theme

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A speakeasy-themed dinner is the ultimate way to make your guests back to the roaring '20s. Have everyone dress up in flapper, gangster, or detective attire so you can feel like you are in a prohibition era with underground bars and speakeasy bars galore. Serve classic prohibition-era cocktails, like martinis, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds. Serve finger foods and snacks like oysters, sliders, and deviled eggs. And don't forget the music! Jazz music is the perfect soundtrack to your event.

3. Medieval Castle Theme

Take your medieval intrigue to the next level in your very own castle. You may prefer to have the party at home, or perhaps you might like to rent a cottage and turn it into a medieval castle for the night. Prepare your best meat pies, pastries, and other dishes appropriate for your medieval feast by decorating the tables with candlelight, armor suits, and medieval banners. Do not forget to decorate the tables with candlelight. 

4. Forest Dinner Theme

This theme will transform your party space into an enchanted forest where a mysterious artifact has vanished. Guests will be empowered with their magical powers to solve this mystery by assuming the roles of fairies, wizards, and forest creatures. It is a popular theme for families, providing a magical experience that engages both children and adults. 

This menu is filled with whimsical and nature-inspired dishes, including fairy bread, mushroom risotto, and forest berry salad. For the drinks, sparkling elderflower beverages can be served, and for the desserts, woodland-themed cakes can be decorated with edible flowers and leaves.

5. Hollywood Glamour Theme

Hollywood Hills sign

The allure of old Hollywood will enhance the dining experience at your dinner party. Your guests will channel their inner movie stars and complete themed makeup to recreate their movie star personas. A scandalous affair involving celebrities or a mysterious incident on a movie set could be the plot. Throughout the evening, serve Oscar-themed party dishes so that the glitz and glamour will last all night long.

6. Valentine Dinner Theme

Do you have friends and other couples celebrating Valentine's Day? Host a Valentine's dinner that has a special twist—solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Darlene Hickle, a matchmaker. Set the scene with hearts, roses, Cupid's arrows, and all things red for your mysterious dinner party, combining the search for love with the thrill of finding out a disappearance. Make it a romantic and engaging dinner party. Invite guests to play a range of roles that will make your gatherings even more thrilling and adventurous. 

7. A Unique Dinner Theme

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Looking for a unique dinner theme that is more contemporary? If you are looking for a new twist on the classic mystery & adventurous dinner party, consider themes such as "Prom Pandemonium" or "Hawaiian Lunacy." These modern settings are perfect for those who prefer a more modern setting. 

8. Outdoor Dinner Theme

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Set up your outdoor area with lots of fresh and vibrant color decorations to make your guests feel more relaxed and release down all their stress. You can arrange the party as per your budget, offer a variety of food includes: 2 or 3 dishes of desserts (like brownies, cupcakes, or mini shots), choose a main course menu that delights everyone's choices, and last but not least, have a corner of drinks.


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These unique dinner party themes for mystery and adventure bring more fun and excitement to your parties. These ideas have something for everyone who loves to host engaging and fun loving parties. So, choose the one that makes your party worth having for and let your guests enjoy the night ahead.

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