This Valentine’s Bunting cost $2.00 to make and took less than 30 minutes.  


3 Felt Sheets ~ you can use whatever colors you wish…red, pink, purple, white, etc.  

1 spool of ribbon 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch ~ 3 yards total


1.  Cut out 3 paper hearts of different sizes ~ small, medium and large ~ this is your pattern.

2.  Trace hearts on to the felt as many as will fit, approximately 10 of each size.  I traced the hearts on one sheet of felt only and then pinned all three sheets together and cut out the hearts.

3.  Once the hearts are cut out arrange them on the ribbon leaving 8 inches free on each side of the ribbon ends.  I arranged 15 hearts on each side starting at the center with the hearts starting out facing each other.  I pinned the hearts in place and then sewed them to the ribbon straight through the center of each heart.

And there you have it ~ A Valentine Bunting for less than $2.00 and under 30 minutes.

hugs, mb 

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