5 Tips for the Comfiest Bed Ever


5 Tips for a Comfie Bed from cupcakesandcrinoline.comHaving the bed of your dreams isn't that hard at all and whether you have an old mattress (like me) or one of the newer ones you can easily make your bed more comfortable with these 5 tips.  *post contains affiliate links 

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  1.  Use Layers.  I have been doing this for about a year now and it makes a huge difference.  I took blankets I already had on hand -  big fluffy plush ones - and layered them directly on top of my mattress.  I added two plush blankets and a down comforter that I was no longer using.  I have a queen size bed but the blankets I had were king size and this allowed me to tuck them under the mattress nice and snug for a better fit. 


5 Tips for a Comfie Bed from cupcakesandcrinoline.com2.  To keep everything anchored in place I added a mattress pad over the top of the blankets.  Consider a lush thick pad to add more comfort.  If you already love your mattress the addition of a feather bed can further enhance your experience.  The mattress pad and feather bed each range in price from $30.00 to several hundred dollars with something for every budget.  

5 Tips for a Comfie Bed from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

3.  Buy good quality sheets.  I have a set of  Second Skin 400 Threadcount sheets from Perfect Linens.  Threadcount definitely matters.  In the past I have purchased inexpensive sheets but they simply don't provide the same comfort as a higher threadcount sheet set. I prefer the Second Skin sheets because their name truly reflects how they feel - like a Second Skin.  The sheets have a suppleness that I have never found in any other bedding and they feel good against my skin.  I also found that at night I normally get hot then cold then hot again but with these sheets I seem to have less fluctuations in my perception of temperature and therefore sleep better.


4.  Bedspread.  Here again I use a down comforter.  I can easily change out the cover to match the seasons or decor and that's the beauty of a good quality comforter.  You may spend more initially but they offer so much decorating versatility and last for years (if properly cared for) that I feel they are well worth the investment.  

Designer tip* - purchase the comforter one size larger than your current mattress size so that it can double as a bedspread and you don't have any gaps between where the comforter leaves off and your dust ruffle begins.  5 Tips for a Comfie Bed from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

5.  Pillows - lots and lots of pillows! Down pillows are the most comfortable but the newer memory foam pillows are a great alternative.  When choosing down pillows choose those that have a higher thread count so the feathers stay in place.  Also, queen size or king size pillows offer more bang for the buck extending further across the bed and making for an overall nicer presentation.  I am in the process of switching out my pillows from standard size to queen size for that very reason.  

I used to scrimp when it came to the whole bed and bedding experience but I have found that was not a wise choice.  Considering that we spend almost a third of our lives in bed and that's the time when our bodies heal and prepare for the day ahead it makes sense to splurge (wisely) a little so that your sleep provides you the rest you need.

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