Choosing a Bar Stool for Your Kitchen

Sometimes the addition of a bar stool (or several) just makes sense. Space-saving, versatile and incredibly stylish, they’re the ideal seating option for whenever you need seating that can elevate the style of your kitchen to new heights.

They’re also especially handy in smaller kitchens: if there isn’t space for a table and chairs, a series of bar stools set up against a countertop creates a casual seating area. If you love the idea already, here are eight style suggestions to inspire you.

Beautiful white kitchen with comfy  fabric barstools

1. Full Back

Bar stools with a backrest offer a comfortable alternative to the traditional bar stool. Choose from a classic wooden version or a plush upholstered design. Kasala has some great examples of these that are well worth checking out. 

2. Backless 

    mid century modern kitchen with open back barstools

    The classic backless barstool comes in a range of finishes, and are easier to push underneath a countertop should you need to. Some designs also come with a swivel mechanism for easy height adjustment.

    3. Space Saving 

      If space is at a premium, stackable bar stools are a great option, allowing you to create extra floor space when you need it. Alternatively, folding bar stools are perfect for guests, as they can be easily stored when not in use. 

      4. Rattan

        Natural materials in kitchens is an ongoing trend that has been around for a few years, and shows little sign of disappearing anytime soon. Whether your style is Scandi, Japandi or Bohemian, a rattan chair could be the way to go.

        5. Industrial Style

        brown wood open shelf kitchen with industrial barstools

        Industrial designs could be seen as being at the opposite end of the spectrum to materials like rattan. With more rugged designs (typically constructed from metal or distressed wood with features like rivets), they add a little edge to a modern industrial kitchen.

        6. Retro

        Retro style bar stools encompass a broad range of designs, but to give a few examples there’s the classic 1950s diner style stool with chrome trim (perfect if you love a kitchen with a little kitsch) or a glamorous Art Deco style stool in a golden brass tone.

        7. Mid Century Modern

        Simple metal barstools

        The mid-century style allows you to cherry-pick from various eras to create an eclectic, yet curated look. A minimalist design of bar stool  is versatile enough to go with a kitchen with a mix-and-match style.

        8. Ergonomic Designs

          Bar stools are generally not thought of as being an ergonomic choice; yet some designs have features like footrests, arm rests or swivel mechanisms. If you’re looking for seating with a little extra support, saddle or bucket style chairs offer style and comfort all in one.

          Finding the Right Stool for Your Kitchen

          When choosing a bar stool for your kitchen, it’s important to consider who will be using the space the most. Bar stools may not be suitable for disabled or elderly relatives, or young children, so it’s important to do your research to find the safest options.

          Take some measurements to make sure you find the perfect fit for your kitchen, in terms of space as well as style. Dividing your counter space between the width of your chosen style of bar stool should give you an idea of how many you need to purchase. For height, aim for a 8 to 12 inch gap between the seat of the stool and the counter for a fixed seat. 

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