10 Fun New Year's Eve Crafts and Ideas to Ring in the New Year

The end of the year is almost here, and it’s time to start planning for a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration. Whether you plan on staying in or going out, one thing is certain—you need to get crafty! Crafting is an amazing way to get into the holiday spirit and add some extra sparkle to your party. Here are 10 fun and easy New Year’s Eve crafts that will make your celebration unforgettable.

construction paper, balloons, confetti, feathers and party hats in a pile

1. Decorative Hats & Masks - Celebrate the new year with some festive hats and masks! You can use construction paper, glitter glue, markers, feathers, sequins—anything you have laying around! Plus, it’s a great way to get creative with friends.

Black photo props cut out and glued to wooden dowels in a container

2. Photo Booth Props – Create custom photo booth props using wooden dowels or paper straws and fun supplies like washi tape. Your guests will love taking pictures together dressed up as kings and queens of the night! Find lots of options here.

Young boy holding a homemade confetti popper made with a balloon and a plastic water bottle

3. Confetti Poppers - Make your own confetti poppers using cardboard tubes decorated with colored paper and filled with tissue paper confetti (which you can make yourself). It’ll be a great way to add more excitement when counting down to midnight! I have a simple tutorial on how to make your own here.

4. Streamers & Tassels– Have extra fun decorating your space by making streamers out of crepe paper or tassels from tissue paper for an extra special touch. You can use different colors for each room or keep it all one color if you prefer something more subtle.  

mason jars filled with confetti, noise makers, party poppers and more to celebrate New Year's Eve

5. Table Centerpieces – Use old mason jars (or any jar!) and fill with noisemakers, confetti, balloons, and candies! This simple and affordable decor doubles as a ‘party kit’. Get all the details here.

champagne flutes filled with champagne with party streamers and white lights surrounding them

6. Glitter Champagne Flutes - Give your champagne toast some extra sparkle this year by decorating flutes with glitter glue and gems—it'll be sure to make a statement when it comes time for the big countdown! You can also use these flutes as part of your table decorations for a fun touch that will last all night long.

7 .Time Capsule – Get creative by making a time capsule full of memories from this past year. Use scrapbooking supplies like stickers, ribbons, rubber stamps, etc., to decorate an old notebook then fill it up with photos, notes, quotes, and more that all represent the past year. This is a great activity if you want kids involved in the festivities.

kindness cards

8. Glittery Cards – Make sparkly cards featuring resolutions or messages like “Choose Happiness” or “Be Kind To Others” using glitter glue pens or glitter paint pens. You can also use them as decorations around your house—just remember not to hang them near any open flames! I found the ones above on Creative Fabrica.

Happy New Year 2022 printable on a background of confetti and ribbon - so festive

9. Wall Art – Create gorgeous wall art using free fonts from Creative Fabrica and clipart for any occasion! You can download the one I created above for free by clicking here.

beautiful champagne cupcakes topped with blue frosting and white edible glitter

10. Delicious Treats – Top cupcakes or cookies with edible glitter for a festive dessert option everyone will love! This delicious recipe for Pink Champagne Cupcakes is perfect for celebrating!

With these 10 craft ideas in mind, there's no need to worry about how you'll celebrate New Year's Eve this year. Just grab some supplies and let the crafting begin. These crafts are fun , easy-to-make , and surefire ways to make sure your celebration is memorable !

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