Red, White & Blue Confetti Popper from Cupcakes and Crinoline

A Confetti Popper is so much fun.  I made this one with my little guy as Part of the Red, White and Blue Ultimate Roundup.  Check out all of the links below ~ over 100 bloggers came together to share crafts, recipes, projects and more to celebrate the 4th of July or any Holiday that requires a little Red, White and Blue!

How To Make a Confetti Popper


Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue water bottle

Empty Water Bottle


Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue Fine Cut Confetti

Construction Paper


Washi Tape 

Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue bottle cut

1.  Cut the top 2 1/2 to 3 inches from a clean plastic bottle. You will only need the top part for this project.

Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue with Washi Tape


Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue #WashiTapeOverRim

2.  Cover the cut edge with washi tape.

Confetti Popper #UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue #ConfettiPopper

3.  Stretch the mouth of a balloon over the bottle opening and pull it snugly as shown.  

4.  Cut construction paper into small pieces ~ smaller is better and place into the bottle top jiggling the confetti so that it fills the balloon.

Confetti Popper#UltimateRedWhiteAndBlue #ConfettiFlying

5.  Hold onto the bottleneck with one hand and pull down the very bottom of the balloon with the other ~ then let go to launch the confetti!

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