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Dollar Store Chalkboard


About 16 months ago we made some shoestring upgrades to our bathroom with two splurges ~ a granite countertop and an oil rubbed bronze Tuscan faucet.  I do have pictures that I intend to post…someday, but until then I have this small decorator addition that cost me less than $1.50.  The bathroom mirror is the original from when the house was built in the 1970’s.  I have repainted it on three different occasions.  Once when I first bought the house, once when the bathroom was entirely gutted ~ the mirror was the only thing we kept, and last year when we did our upgrade.  I spray painted the mirror frame with a basic brown and then applied another coat of textured paint.  I had a lot of the paint left and wanted to add some crafty touches to the bathroom.  This chalkboard tray was so easy to make that I will probably be making more for other rooms in the house.

I started with a tray from the Dollar Tree.

I taped off the silver rim first using Duct Tape Clean Release Painter’s Tape. and painted the center with Chalkboard paint.

I used 5 coats of the chalkboard paint alternating the direction of each coat.

After several days I removed the tape and then placed tape over the center portion leaving the edges untaped {sorry I don’t have a picture of that}.

I spray painted with my base coat and then my textured top coat to match my bathroom mirror.

{The mirror above was my inspiration ~ I like the shape and frame details and the tray from the Dollar Tree matched it pretty well!}

Once it was all dry I hot glued a ribbon to the back adding a rhinestone finding from the clearance bin at Wal Mart as an accent to the ribbon.

I chalked over the surface in all directions covering thoroughly to prime the chalkboard {if you omit this step, you can’t use the chalkboard}.  After wiping it off it was ready to use.

That’s it ~ less than $1.50 and less than an hour of craft time.

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