Easy Chair Makeover


Easy Chair Makeover when you don't have the time for a major overhaul!

Before and after wooden upholstered chair makeover

How-To Makeover a Chair in Under 30 Minutes

Antique chair with ugly blue fabric

A few years ago, my sister gave me the chair above. It was originally in my parent's basement and I remember my father doing the above makeover on it. He was quite crafty, wasn't he? 😉 

Antique chair with brown painted wood and blue and white fabric

Well, it sat in my sister's garage for over 10 years and she asked me if I wanted it since she wasn't using it. I said sure and put it in my sunroom for a few years. Then, because I have three sons (yes, this is why) I needed a chair upstairs. They seem to break chairs and couches like they are in a table, ladders, and chairs wrestling match (kudos if you know what that is!). 

*That cord to the left of the chair, it isn't to a vacuum cleaner, it's an internet cable because somehow, wifi just doesn't cut it so it is necessary to be tethered and test whether or not your mother will remember and not trip over it....ahh, sons...such fun. Also, I later found out my sister didn't use the chair because of the crack on the leg. She thought it wasn't safe so offered it to me....sisters are fun, too, aren't they???? 

grain sack fabric draped over antique chair

Anyway, I washed the chair down, vacuumed it, and brought it upstairs and began to dream of all of the amazing things I would do with it.

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grain sac fabric draped over vintage fabric chair

Reupholster It?

A few years ago, I bought grain sack fabric and thought that would be the perfect fabric to use in my makeover process but then I started to really think about it. I didn't know what was "under" that blue fabric. My dad did, but he passed away years ago and I can't remember what it looked like before he made it over. Was it icky, was it gross, was it something dusty?????

I am a bit of a dirt-a-phobe and the thought of opening up that can of worms freaked me out a little, so I just left it as is (was?). I thought it was hideous, but it was a chair and in our house, chairs are very important since they are limited edition. 

Crunch Time

Blue fabric chair with wood trim

So, here we are a few years later and it's Christmas Eve (this past Christmas Eve). I do my best work under pressure and on a deadline and as I was wrapping gifts because that's how I do things, last minute, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to paint the chair. Yep, Christmas Eve morning the desire to paint that chair hit me hard.

I put the chair up on the coffee table (that's where everyone does their painting, right?), put some Duck Brand Blue Painter's Tape on the areas I didn't want to get painted on and started painting. I did make sure there was a Hallmark Christmas movie on because that always helps everything.

Can of Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint in Shiplap

I grabbed my new go-to paint which I absolutely love. It is the best paint I've ever used (seriously), Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint in Shiplap.

This paint goes on like a dream and covers really well; I only used one coat, and clean up was easy with soap and water only.

And here's the chair, all done (ignore the carpeting, it's old).  I didn't have time to reupholster the chair and still don't know if I will because of the dirt and unknown thing, but my sister-in-law was coming to visit in 2 days so I had to do something fast.

I also used that paint on the china cabinet hutch which you can see a glimpse of in the pictures...I painted that puppy on December 22nd...again, last minute but hey, it works for me.

Old upholstered chair with wood trim painted white, covered with lamb's fur and a beautiful throw in front of a Christmas Tree

I covered the fabric part of the chair with a lamb's fur skin from Ikea, a blush-colored fur pillow I already had on hand, and a throw that came in my Fab Fit Fun box (a Christmas gift from my oldest son...it's awesome and if you haven't tried it, treat yourself, you won't be sorry) and BAM, I think it turned out pretty nice. It's not perfect, but compared to what it was, I really love it! 

Graphic of a shabby chic chair

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  1. Kristi Dominguez says:

    It turned out absolutely darling! Loving the sound of that paint and its ease, too.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Kristi!!! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful New Year! xo

  2. That looks amazing. I did a similar makeover with a thrifted chair. It worked well. I love your glam look!!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Deborah!

  3. I love the history of your chair. That seems to make it even more beautiful and meaningful. Not only that, but you did a fabulous job with adding paint and fluffy textures.
    Such a pretty shabby style.Happy New Year, my friend.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so, so much, Meegan, and a very Happy New Year to you dear friend!

  4. I love the furry throw and this quick and easy makeover!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Cindy!

  5. I actually LOVE the chair with just the legs painted! I am terrified of reupholstering. I absolutely LOVE how you styled it MB! It looks like it IS reupholstered!!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, sweet Julie!!!! You made my day...and I'm glad I'm not the only one that is terrified of reupholstering!

  6. Michelle @ The Painted Hinge says:

    I love this transformation! It looks so very hygge!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Michelle! I like that it gives a hygge vibe - accidental woot on my part! 🙂

  7. I have a very similar chair that I have always intended to do something with. It is my computer chair. But there is sits, with my butt upon it, looking the same as it always has.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I have a computer chair that's the same way....it is in a sad state yet because I don't see it (since my butt is in it all the time!) I don't think about redoing it. 😉 I hope you're feeling better, Miss Bliss! xo

  8. Your chair redo is just awesome!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Jane!

  9. WooHoo!! Last minute re-dos are THE BEST!! I LOVE IT! And your new blog look, too!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, sweet friend! The chair reminded me of yours. 🙂