Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands - Free Printable

Sometimes, you just need a reminder. In my case, I need to remind myself and my family about how important it is to Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands.

These cute printables are perfect for framing and keeping in the bathroom, kitchen.

Anywhere you want to remember to wash your hands.

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands free printable with blue background and light blue bubbles

We all know how important washing our hands is, especially during the height of the cold and flu season. This simple printable is a great reminder.

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Wash Your Hands!

Click here to be taken to the printables.

White background with black ink free printable Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands at The How To Home

There are lots of colors available including a simple white background with a grey wording - perfect for saving ink.

Remember to keep calm and wash your hands.

Overview of alternatives for a free Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands printable at The How To Home

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