Easy No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Curtains are one of those decor items that I am usually iffy about. I realize how important they are in bedrooms and living spaces in general. I really like the look of uncovered windows and the ability to let light in but I there are times when I want my windows covered especially if it is especially bright.

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Today, I want to share with you a really inexpensive and easy, no-sew way, to cover your windows as part of this month's Thrifty Style Team Post.

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How To Make No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

You only need two things for these curtains.


A drop cloth in the size you want. I originally bought the drop cloth I'm using to paint but then, saw something on Pinterest that inspired me to try this. I bought this 6 foot by 9 foot drop cloth at Home Depot. They also have them on Amazon. There are even drop cloths without seams which would be perfect for larger windows.

You will also need a wooden suit hanger.

How-To Hang the Drop Cloth

Start by washing and drying the dropcloth. No need to be too careful. It's sturdy!

Once it's washed, give it a good ironing and then put it on the hanger.

While the particular drop cloth you'll need isn't too important the hanger you use is. You will need a hanger like this one if you want the same look.

Open the hanger from the side separating the wooden rod from the metal holder. Slide the top of the drop cloth over the wooden rod and adjust folds as necessary.

Once you have the drop cloth evenly distributed over the rod, gently lock it back in place and you're done.

Now go ahead and "hang" your curtain on the top of the window frame.

You may need to adjust the twist of the hanger to sit right and stay in place.

Where to Hang Your Curtain

You can leave it hanging where it is or move it around.

Right now, I only have one so as the sun moves I move the hanger if I need to.

When there's no sun, I hang it on a light fixture in the kitchen to hide an annoying cord.

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  2. Paula@SweetPea says:

    Aren't you clever to think of a no-sew curtain method? I love how the hanger helps you make a ruffle for the top. Very creative!

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  4. Loving this look! This is ideal for the front bedroom in my apartment. I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.