The Little Things Make a HUGE Difference - Free Printable

Today, my hope is to encourage you and that's why I'm sharing this free printable ~ Sometimes a little thing can be quite important. Mary Poppins

A Little Thing

As a wife, a mother, a woman, and a person 😉 it's so important to remember that life is not found in only the big things, the big moments, but more often, it is in the small things.

Each day gives us new opportunities to be grateful for so many things, including the little, often overlooked things. 

For quite a while now, my focus has been words. Not only the words I speak to others, but the words I speak to myself. Those internal words, judgments, and negative thoughts. 

So often in the past, I would be harsh with myself. Those mean, snide little words gave me such a poor self-image and I didn't even realize it was happening and that's why I want to encourage YOU. 

Take the time today to stop and tell yourself something positive about YOU. 

The next time you look in the mirror, think of three things that make you awesome.

It may seem like a little thing, but it truly is quite important.

My little gift to you today, and hopefully it will start a journey of good things for you, is this free printable.

Colorful flowers on white background with the quote, "Sometimes a little thing can be quite important" from Mary Poppins

Sometimes a Little Thing Can Be Quite Important

You can get the Little Things printable in landscape or the Little Things printable in portrait view by clicking the links below.

Little Things 8x10 jpg 

Little Things 8x10 pdf

Landscape option of Mary Poppins quote - Sometimes a little thing can be quite important

Little Things landscape view jpg

Little Things landscape view pdf

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