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Mason Jar Planter – Easy To Make

Easy to Make Mason Jar Planter – using an old jar!

I have used Mason Jars for as long as I can remember for all sorts of ‘stuff’ ~ holding fresh cut flowers, ribbon, rubber bands, pencils, pens, silverware, etc., but never for a living plant.


The other day I was out and saw these beautiful white mums.

I bought them with every intent of putting them in a regular planter but when I got home and came in through the garage I spied a big Mason Jar…and a bag of dirt…and that’s when it hit me….these pretty white mums would look perfect in a Mason Jar hanging from my front porch railing.

Mason Jar Planter

These were so easy to put together.  All I needed was the Mason Jar, some good quality dirt {I used Miracle-Gro}, some rocks at the bottom of the jar for drainage {I grabbed some from under my front porch} and wire to hang the Mason Jar from the banister.  A few months ago I did a post for Consumer Crafts and got a goodie bag and the copper wire was in the bag {score!}.

Planter Mason Jars

I put the rocks at the bottom of the jar {gently}, added some dirt and then removed the mums from the plastic planter and broke up the roots a bit so that the plant would fit into the mouth of the jar.  Once in there, I wrapped several rounds of the copper wire under the lip leaving enough to form a hanger.

Mason Jars Planters

Once it was all together I watered the planter and hung it out on my railing.  It looked so pretty and is a great way to welcome guests. {By the way my weight bench turned garden bench is holding up great in the weather….it’s still hanging out on the front porch and now has the pretty mums to keep it company.}

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Jen @ West Street Story

Sunday 8th of September 2013

Wow, so simple yet so amazing! {Jen runs off to buy herself some mums!}

Mary Beth

Monday 9th of September 2013

I'm glad you liked the planter ~ run carefully and not with scissors!

Have a great week.

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