Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is almost here and I've already done a Mother's Day post (Gardening Gifts with a Vintage Flair) but I have some more Mother's Day gift ideas in me so here they are ~ this one is in the form of a gift guide.  Some of the gifts are free (fun phone apps), some are techy 'cause I like techy and some are pretty and fancy  because that's how I roll (in my mind only...but!)   😉

Mother's Day Gift Guide from  #ad #VZWBuzz

1.  Mophie Powerstation ~ If your Mom is out and about and sometimes forgets her charger or doesn't have access to charge her phone, tablet or USB device this is great for quick charges ~ that way she can always be in touch with you no matter where she is! 

2.  Relaxing Spa Music ~ Sometimes Mom needs to take a breather and just relax and this FREE app is wonderful to put her in a great frame of mind.  She can use it to help her fall asleep as well if need be.  

3.  Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ~ Track steps, calories burned and distance.  View stats from your mobile device and set fitness goals.  

4.  DualPro for Droid Turbo Smartphone Case ~ The case above is the one I chose for my beloved Droid Turbo but any good shock-absorbing case would be a good gift for Mom.  

5.  Paced Breathing ~ This is another FREE app and it helps you to get your breathing in sync and bring down stress levels.  A few years ago I was all out of whack and was having trouble catching my breath but I noticed then when I took in deep breaths and slowly let them out a few times I felt so much better and that's when I stumbled upon apps for breathing.  They have helped me tremendously get back in check when I'm stressed and as soon as I even begin to feel a bit stressed out I turn it on and within a few minutes all is good once again.  

6.  Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush ~ Regargeable Electric Toothbrushes are a great gift for Mom.  I used to have one and LOVED it (hint hint to anyone who might be in the mood to give one to me).  My teeth felt so much cleaner and this particular toothbrush has sonic technology which drives fluid to stimulate gums...and stimulated gums are a good thing.  

7.  Fossil Watch in White ~ White is perfect for summer wear and even though Mom's smartphone tells time a watch is a great fashion accessory.  

8.  Calvin Klein Lamb Cross Body Bag in Black ~ a good quality bag is always in fashion and this bag will last for years! 

If you or your Mom reside in Virginia and were or are a customer of nTelos you may find yourself looking for a wireless carrier of your choosing (not the one that was chosen for you).  If so, check out this wonderful offer for YOU only from Verizon Wireless ~ make the switch now and get a $150.00 Bill credit! ---->

Is there anything from the gift guide that you'd like to receive for Mother's Day?  Since I picked them I'm partial to them all!


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