After School Snack Ideas

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As much as it hurts it's time to start planning for back-to-school time.  It always pays to be prepared and with that in mind today I'm sharing two simple after school snack ideas with you.  The one can even be used in lunches as a snacky nibbler {I'm not sure what you'd call it so that's my best attempt}.

sweet, salty and chocolate snack mix in jar at

The family and I went on a Pokemon Go run the other night....I drive....they tell me where to stop so they can collect Pokemon.....I sit, I wait, I drive in circles, it's fun. 😉 Two of my always hungry sons picking Goldfish CrackersOn the way home I hit my local Giant Eagle Market District and did some shopping.  Some shopping means I told everyone I only had to get a few items but ended up with a cart full but they didn't mind....the Giant Eagle Market District is fun so they never complain when I have to go there.  {A+ for me!}

Back to school snack shopping with Giant Eagle

I did great with everything I bought but I couldn't get lunch meat....apparently when you are on a Poke run until 11:00 pm the deli is closed - which totally makes sense so ignore the lone loaf of Schwebel's Bread....there will be meat to go with it later today and the Capri Sun won't be will be tucked neatly beside a delicious sandwich. it's snack time!  I have two different easy recipes for you so be sure to check them both out.

First up:

Sweet, salty and chocolatey snack mix from

Sweet, Salty, Chocolate-y Snack Mix

Goldfish Grahams S'Mores - so cute!


Sweet and Salty and Choclate Snack Mix from - ingredients

1 cup of Goldfish S'mores1 cup Goldfish Grahams S'mores

1 cup of Goldfish Pretzels1 cup Goldfish Pretzels

1 cup Chex Mix Chocolate Mix

1 cup Chex Chocolate cereal

1 cup Rolos candies unwrapped

½ cup Rolos candies

Sweet, Salty and Chocolate Snack Mix from

Mix gently - that's it! 

Now that you have your snack mix it's time to store it.  

Individual Serving Size Snacks

While shopping I found these portion size bags (genius!) so I used these to measure out ¾ cup of the mix.  I don't have to worry about the kids eating too much (and ruining dinner) and they can grab a bag whenever they want a quick and easy snack.

sweet, salty and chocolate snack mix in jar at

If any is left after you fill your bags or you just like to put things in glass jars - yes, I do that all the time - you can put some in a jar and grab a handful whenever you need a sweet, salty, chocolate fix - and who doesn't need that once in a while? 😉

Round Two! 

Chocolate S'mores Parfait from

Quick and Easy Chocolate S'Mores and Oreo Parfait

Chocolate S'mores Oreo Parfait - after school snack ideas from


Snack Pack Pudding - chocolate

Entenmann's Little Bites - S'mores

Oreo minis

Whipped Cream

S'mores muffins layered with chocolate pudding - after school snack parfait at

Layer Little Bites S'mores, one, then some pudding, then another Little Bites S'mores, then more pudding.  mini chocolate s'mores and oreo parfait from

Top with whipped cream.....

Mini chocolate s'mores and Oreo parfait from 2

and an Oreo mini.Chocolate S'mores parfait at cupcakesandcrinoline.comAdd spoon and watch the smiles! 

So there you have it - some back to school and after school snack ideas for the kids....or anyone that needs a snack.

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  1. Mary Larsen says:

    What delicious and easy snack ideas! #client

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Mary. 🙂

  2. keri @ shaken together says:

    My boys would go nuts over that snack mix - and I love those bags with the measurements printed on them 😉

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Keri! I love those bags, too. I am thinking of all sorts of ways to use them.

  3. These both looks great! I love a good snack mix for the kids and for myself. And that parfait is "perfect"!

  4. So yummy! I wish I could just reach through the screen and sample some now. Everything looks deeelish!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Diane! My boys ate it before I could have a taste but they assured me it was good!

  5. Amy Anderson says:

    I wish we lived closer. I want to come over and play Pokemon Go and have delicious snacks!! 😀

    1. Mary Beth says:

      It would be so much fun if we lived closer! 🙂