Top 10 Must Have Apps for Traveling 2 through 5

2.  TripIt®~ You can organize all of your travel plans in one simple to access location with TripIt®.  Forward any travel confirmation emails or other info to and it will automatically generate a daily itinerary for every trip.  

 3.  Yelp ~ Yelp is a great app for finding a nearby restaurant, auto mechanic, hair stylist and so on.  You can see user reviews and detailed listings for each entry.  When you're traveling and are unfamiliar with where you're at this is great so that you don't stop by some dive and regret your choice later! 

4.  Nooly-Micro Weather ~ Your kids want to go the beach but it looks like there's a storm brewing.  Do you stay in the hotel room or risk getting poured on?  Nooly's focus is the weather that's upcoming in MINUTES in your area...not hours, so you can make a choice whether to wait it out or head to the beach (or to your picnic, zoo and more). 

5.  Valet ~ Valet is your digital memory for where you park {I could use this when I go to the mall!}.  It  remembers where you park so you don't have to and can also remind you, via the parking timer, if your meter is about to expire so you don't get a parking ticket.  

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6.  Gas Buddy ~ Find Cheap Gas.  That pretty much sums it up.  Gas prices are predicted to go up anywhere from .50 a gallon to $1.00 a gallon in the upcoming weeks and this would be a great way to save every penny you can.  

 7.  Key Ring ~ This is a great way to keep track of your reward cards.  You simply scan your cards using the camera on your phone and the info is there.  No need to carry around all of those annoying cards any more.  

8.  Halo Bulb ~ if you don't have a flashlight app on your phone this is a great one.  You can use it to open your car door in a dark parking lot or see the doorknob to your hotel room.  So many practical uses.  

 9.  ShopSavvy Bar Code Scanner ~ You're on your vacation and you realize you forgot your bathing suit and snorkel.  When you find the first local store don't just pay top dollar....scan the tag and see if you can get it for less nearby.


10.  Last Minute Travel ~ Your plan was to 'drive straight through' but now your rethinking that choice.  Everyone (including you) is getting crabby and tired.  No need to worry.  Use this app to find a great deal on the closest hotel room.  

So there you have it ~ my Top 10 Must Have Apps for Traveling.  Do you have any that aren't on my list that you'd like to share.  I would love to hear about them! 

{ disclosure:  As a member of a very cool team of influencers I received the HTC One from Verizon.  No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise positive feedback.  All opinions are my own as always. #VZWBuzz}      

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