Cricut Christmas Gift Ideas Easy DIY Mugs for Everyone on Your List

Are you looking for some easy DIY last minute Christmas Gift Ideas that could be for almost everyone on your list? If you are, look no further. Today, I'm sharing an idea that will help you get your gift list done in no time using your Cricut.

Last Minute Cricut Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you ever find that there are some last minute gifts you need to get or make and you don't just want them to be anything, but something that the person receiving them will actually enjoy? If you are, in this post you'll find lots of ideas for making something special that will be appreciated using your Cricut.

You're My Favorite

While brainstorming ideas for this post, I came up with lots of possibilities. My mind was all over the place but nothing really seemed to stick and then, I was kidding around with my youngest son the other night and the idea for this You're My Favorite Mug was hatched.

My youngest son usually whispers, "I'm your favorite" when he passes me throughout the day. I usually just chuckle and sometimes wink, and the other night before bed I said it to him. I said, "You're my favorite", and he said, "I'll believe it when I see it on a mug", and bam...this idea was born and my mind started to think of all of the ways this can be used and so I created a FREE SVG file with lots of options. 

This would also be great for making a t-shirt just to mess with his brothers...he'll love it...I don't think they will, but, it will be fun nonetheless!

Picture this, one side of the mug says, You're my favorite (and you could leave it just like that) OR you could customize the back of the mug with any of the following options.....

don't tell your brothers (brother)

don't tell your sisters (sister)













This will work for just about anyone on your gift list. 

Large Red Mug with Cricut Vinyl Personalization saying You're My Favorite
Back of mug that says, You're My Favorite on the front and Don't tell your brothers on the back made with Cricut vinyl


Cricut machine - I have an Explore Air and love it! If you're looking to upgrade, though, the Maker is on my wishlist (let me know which you have!)

Vinyl - a color of your choice (if you'll be making a t-shirt or tote bag, you'll need the iron-on vinyl)

Mug, T-Shirt (I found some cute baseball shirts here including a plaid/lumberjack type one-I may need this!), Tote Bag or other

Cricut Design Space

SVG files (below)

You're My Favorite -download here

don't tell your brothers

don't tell your brother

don't tell your sisters

don't tell your sister

All other options for reverse side - download here



Download the free SVG files (click options above). ⇑

Upload to Cricut Design Space and cut! You can adjust the size as necessary and delete any of the options you don't need from the cut file or use them all.

Use the weeding tool, remove from the background and apply.

I didn't use transfer tape but I wish I had. It makes things so much easier in the long run. 😉

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Mug Photo courtesy of Freepik Mockup psd created by Freepik

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  1. Calleen Petersen says:

    My kids would love this!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Mine were just "bickering" over it tonight...and they aren't little anymore LOL

  2. Mary K Hunnicutt says:

    This is such a cute quote!

  3. That is so cute and clever, Mary Beth! I especially love "You're my favorite" paired with "don't tell your brother." How fun to make a mix for a family gift. I guess I need a Cricut! 😉
    Merry Christmas!

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