Moss Easter Egg with Baker's Twine Cross

moss-Easter-egg-with-bakers-twine-cross #Easter #MossEgg #BakersTwine #CupcakesandCrinoline

I've been seeing so many moss crafts this year and I love them.  They are so darn earthy {moss is earthy so that makes sense}.  A few weeks ago I shared my Moss and Succulent Peat Pot and today I wanted to share something for those last minute Easter Decorators {I'm raising my hand right now....I hope I'm not the only one who waits until the very last minute} ~ a Moss Easter Egg with Baker's Twine Cross.  

moss-Easter-egg #Easter #EasterEggs #Moss


Egg-shaped styrofoam balls 

Craft Moss

Baker's Twine

Hot Glue Gun

moss-Easter-egg-with-cross #Easter #EasterEggs #moss #cross

 This was so simple to make.  I didn't take any photos of the process ~ I was too busy maiming my hands for life with my hot glue gun, but all you need to do is cover your eggs with the moss.   You can use smaller pieces of moss {if you have some leftover from previous projects this is a great way to say, "I am not a hoarder, I told you I would use those mini pieces of moss for something!" ~ this is best said with your hands on your hips in an I-told-you-so fashion}.  Glue the moss on the egg shaping it around the egg as you glue {be careful ~ this is where I was tearing up because of hot glue pain}.  When the hot glue has dried and is no longer the temperature or consistency of molten lava wrap baker's twine around your egg in the shape of a cross gluing the ends of the twine to the back so they are hidden.

There you have it ~ a last minute simple craft that is perfect to commemorate the Easter season.  

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  1. Just adorable and very doable, Mary Beth! Super-cute idea!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Carol!