Decluttering: The Items You Should Remove From Your Kitchen This Year

Decluttering has become a very popular task for those looking to create a more minimalist and organized home. But even if you’re not a fan of the design, you most likely know that there are several things in your kitchen that you should get rid of. Clutter tends to accumulate over the years, and many people develop a habit of keeping things even if they no longer need or use them. The way you shop is also essential in this regard since being a compulsive shopper will cause you to get many items stacked at all corners of your kitchen, filing cupboards and countertops but being barely used. 

If you’re thinking about starting to declutter your kitchen, here are some of the areas you could start with. 

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This image shows a minimalist kitchen countertop with a sleek and modern design. On the left side, there is a jar filled with what appears to be coffee grounds next to a glass bottle containing a dark liquid, possibly homemade syrup or sauce. In the center, there is a small potted citrus tree with bright yellow fruits. On the right side, there is a stainless steel moka pot and a matching stainless steel pot with a lid, both placed on an electric stovetop. The background features a light gray textured wall that adds to the clean and contemporary aesthetic.

Chipped items 

Chipped drinkware, including glasses, cups, or mugs, don’t just look bad; they’re also a possible hazard. Hot beverages can cause them to break completely, pouring contents all over you, staining your clothing and scalding your skin. Chipped surfaces can also injure your mouth. As fond as you might have become of an old cup, there’s no point keeping it any longer if it’s already partially cracked. 


The kitchen cabinets are the most visible area of your kitchen, so you want yours to look nice. You should look into cheap kitchen units to replace the ones you already own if you feel they’re starting to look shabby. Cleaning agents, steam and temperature differences can all wreak havoc on the materials over a longer time. If the entire structure is still good, but you’re looking to create a fresher look, you can just replace the doors. Look for sturdy materials like wood, and choose simple color palettes that look good with the rest of the kitchen. 

Food containers

Food containers are great for storing your packed lunch, picnic meals and leftovers that can be used as ingredients in fresh meals the following day. However, you can indeed have too much of a good thing, which certainly applies to too many containers. Look at all the ones you own and determine how many you actually use and which you can discard. The ones that are cracked, scratched or mismatched should go first. If some of them miss essential pieces, you should throw them away as well since you can’t use them safely anymore.


If you use kitchen linens such as tablecloths and napkins, you already know that they must be in pristine condition. Otherwise, your table might actually appear dirty or disheveled. If your linens have become stained beyond repair, you should find other uses for them. For instance, they can be integrated into regular cleaning tasks around the house. If they’re incredibly threadbare, it’s probably best to dispose of them and invest in new ones. 


Food waste is the antithesis of sustainability, but nonetheless, many people have spoiled food in their fridges. Keeping it around is a potential health hazard, as spoiled food can carry bacteria and other pathogens. Checking the expiration date is the first thing you should do, but you should also make your decisions based on the smell and look of foods. Make sure to wash the containers before recycling, and put the food you don’t use in the compost. To avoid waste in the future, go shopping with a list and only buy things you know you will eat. Learning to use leftovers is also crucial. 


The herbs and spices you use to add flavor to dishes are a must-have in any kitchen. But you may have noticed that it’s pretty challenging to use an entire container of spices before they expire, mainly if you use them only for very specific dishes. They’re unlikely to cause any health troubles, but they will not add any extra taste to your food either. If you open the container and cannot feel any smell at all, the herbs are likely to leave your soups and stews tasteless as well. 


Kitchen utensils are essential for any kitchen, and wooden ones are particularly useful. They don’t become too hot to handle, and they won’t leave any strange taste in your food. However, they will also become damaged with frequent use. At this point, you have to consider replacing them. If your spoons are beginning to look cracked, you need to get new ones. The splits can harbor bacteria, not something you want around your food. If you want something more durable, you can switch to silicone, as wood typically requires more frequent replacements. 

Unused items 

Any unused items you have lying around and which occupy space that could be used more efficiently should be removed from your kitchen. Keep in mind that just because you have more storage space available doesn’t mean that you should fill it to the brim with stuff. Some of the things you own can be repurposed. For instance, jars can be used to store small items or supplies. They can also be recycled so that the materials are reused to make brand-new objects. 

The bottom line

Decluttering can be pretty tricky, as you have to empty all your cabinets and drawers and go through all the things you own. You need to set aside a few days to only do this in order to have the best results. Any duplicates you have that can be donated should be allowed to find new homes. If they’re in perfect condition and barely used, discarding them would be a pity and a waste. Donating is the more sustainable option. 

If you don’t use something anymore or it has become worn with use, you should simply part ways with it. Things should earn their place in your kitchen, and if the clutter around you has started to stress you out, it’s clear that it’s time to make a change. To make decluttering a bit more enjoyable, you can get your partner, children, friends or relatives involved as well. Cleaning won’t seem as troublesome anymore when working towards it with someone else who can help you. 

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