Exploring Must-Have Accessories for Your Steam Shower

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like bathing in the warm embrace of a steam shower, soaking up the relaxing atmosphere as you unwind. That’s why steam rooms and spaces have become increasingly popular in the United States, offering the utmost luxury in both homes and at commercial spas or gyms across the country.

But while steam itself is typically what provides the wellbeing experience we seek, there are various ways to enhance your pleasure, using both essential and practical accessories that are specifically designed for steam spaces.

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What Are Essential Steam Accessories?

Really, there are two diverse ways of looking at essential steam shower accessories. There are those which serve necessary practical functions, and accessories that add to the ambience or look of your space. Choosing in either case will be shaped by your own preferences and needs, but it’s always handy to find steam experts who stock and supply the best products.

Quality steam room and steam shower suppliers will stock many of the following products, designed specifically for diverse steam applications, whether your space is built for commercial or residential usage. Our choice of suggestions is based on practicality and aesthetics, intended to both inspire and educate.

Practical Steam Shower Accessories

When it comes to must-have accessories for your steam room, none are more essential than the steam generator. The job of this vital component is to heat water to boiling point, so that’s 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit, sending the resulting steam from the generator to the shower enclosure via the steam head.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, one of the most popular brands is the Mr. Steam range of shower generators, including the versatile CX1600 model. Designed for both commercial and residential use, built for easy installation and maintenance, this model features a 7” touch screen interface for convenient operation and management.

A close-up view of a touchscreen control panel mounted on a wall, used for managing a steam shower system. The screen displays various options for settings, including a large "Manual Start" button and several menu items.

In order to protect your steam shower equipment and help towards easier maintenance, steam installation experts always recommend including water filtration as part of the system. The Pure 410 steam bath generator pre-filter from Bathology serves this purpose, utilizing 10-micron tightly spun drop-in filter media, reducing particulates that result in scale and blockages.

To ensure your steam shower is always pristine and clean, rather than use standard cleaning products that might not be up to the task, getting a powerful steam room cleaner is highly recommended. Speak with your steam room supplier and seek their advice, as they will be able to highlight the best and most effective steam room cleaning products available.

Steam Shower Additions for Ambience

We all have our own preferences regarding ways to enhance the steam shower experience, and there are various ways to do this with optional accessories that add to the ambience of your steam space. How essential they are will depend on your own preferences and needs, although the following suggestions will certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your steam shower space.

Suitable GFCI protected lighting will create just the right atmosphere in your steam shower, although using the correct materials is often overlooked, so it’s important to choose fittings that are designed specifically for steam showers. For larger commercial spaces, Mr. Steam recessed LED lights provide an impressive 600 lumens, built for moisture and temperature. For smaller and residential spaces, Thermasol in-shower lights provide 450 lumens of dimmable white light.

A vibrant image featuring water droplets on a glass surface, with a colorful gradient background transitioning from pink to yellow. The droplets create an abstract and visually appealing pattern.

Often overlooked, but highly useful if you don’t wish to stand all the time in a steam shower, seating is a valuable addition to both small and large steam shower installations. Thermasol has designed two ideal solutions, the first of which is a stylish corner seat, while the second is a convenient folding seat. Both are ADA compliant, made with aluminum frames and bamboo, offering optimal moisture resistance and durability.

Finally, we all know that usually, steam and mirrors don’t combine well. ThermaSol has created a range of convenient fog-free mirrors, which means they will always be clear whether located inside or outside the shower. These come in four stylish designs, including Eclipse, Cupola, Avant, and Rhombus.

Give Thought to Your Steamy Additions

As you will now be aware, there are various ways to improve and enhance your steam shower experience, so if you’re planning a new installation or just a few upgrades, don’t forget to shop around for the most suitable accessories for your space.

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