How to Move to a New City and Still Explore the World: Cruising as a Remote Worker

In the last decade, the world of work has changed beyond all recognition. No longer tied to desks or even cities, job seekers can now go anywhere in the world while looking for a role, thanks to the remote work revolution. The possibilities for combining work and travel have expanded hugely, with people traveling for months at a time while still working full-time, while digital nomads show that moving to a new city, or even a new country, is no barrier to a serious career.

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Remote work means that if you board a Western Caribbean cruise or want to enjoy a Pacific Coast road trip, you don’t have to use up precious vacation days to do so. Whether you are moving to a new city, exploring the world, or just don’t want to be tied to the nine-to-five, remote work is a fantastic opportunity. Here are a few tips on how to move to a new city and explore the world as a remote worker.

Choose the Right City for Your Base

Choosing the right city as a home base for a life as a digital nomad is incredibly important. You’ll want to keep the following factors in mind when thinking about where you want to live.

  • Connectivity - Making sure that the digital infrastructure of the city is robust is hugely important. You need fast internet speeds and access to coworking spaces to ensure that you can work effectively and efficiently wherever you are in the world. Cities like Barcelona, Tallinn, Austin, and Chiang Mai are renowned for their great remote working infrastructure.
  • Transportation - If you are planning to travel it is important that your base is near to airports or major ports.
  • Quality of Life - A combination of affordability, weather, and community atmosphere is the key to a good quality of life. Cities like Lisbon, Medellin, Mexico City, or Ljubljana are great options in this case. Remember to always check the cost of living in a new city before making your decision.

Find the Right Cruise for Remote Work

If you are planning on sailing around the world on a cruise ship as part of your life as a digital nomad there are a few things to think about, not least of which is which cruise line works best for you.

First up, it is vital to check that your chosen operator and cruise ship has a robust and affordable internet package, allowing you to work and be connected while at sea. It is also worth looking at ships that have specific spaces for coworking or at the very least dedicated quiet lounges. This helps you avoid distractions. Finally, think about how you intend to work around the itinerary, making the most of both work and leisure time.

Plan Your Work Schedule Around Cruise Activities

Balancing work and travel can be challenging and always requires careful planning in advance. It is vital that you think carefully about how and when you are going to work, so you can deliver all your work responsibilities while still enjoying your cruise.

Set aside specific times of the day for work to make sure you keep your productivity up. This often means working early in the morning, before activities start, or in the evening before or after dinner.

Sea days, when the ship is just sailing, are great for intensive work sessions and give you the opportunity to take more time for yourself when you are in port. Remember that flexibility is key for remote workers, so always be prepared to change your schedule based on unforeseen events, internet outages, or any other disruption.

Utilize Technology and Tools

Making a success of the digital nomad lifestyle is all about finding the right technology and tools. You will want to bring a portable Wi-Fi device as a backup to prevent outages, as well as some external storage devices so you aren’t completely reliant on the cloud. Take advantage of project management and communication software like Slack, Monday, and Microsoft Teams, to stay on top of everything wherever you are in the world.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Finally, it is super important to remember to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Balancing work, travel, leisure, and exploring a new hometown can be a challenge, so taking steps to maintain your well-being is crucial.

Establish a daily routine that involves a balance of exercise, healthy eating, work, rest, and time off for leisure activities. This will give you the energy you need to deal with your work responsibilities as well as helping to manage stress and keep you productive.

Set clear boundaries between time for work and time for fun. Don’t be tempted to slip into bad habits like working from bed or finishing off a task late at night. It is important to avoid overwork and enjoy your travel and leisure experiences as well as achieve professional success.

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