How To Organize Vitamins and Supplements

How-to organize your vitamins and supplements easily - this is especially helpful for when you're filling a pill case for the week with all of your vitamins.

Do you take vitamins and supplements? If you're like me and take more than just one or two, you know that sometimes keeping track of how many to take of which one and/or whether to take them in the morning or night can be a hassle when you have to read the bottle each time...I mean, who wants to overdose on vitamins (which, by the way, is a thing).

Vitamins on table

I keep all of my vitamins in a dresser drawer in my kitchen and, before using a pill case to streamline things, I used to look at each bottle to make sure I was taking the right amount (1, 2 or 3) and that I was taking it at the right time.

Bottles of vitamins

Then, last year when I switched around my kitchen and organized my dresser "pantry" with repurposed boxes (you can see that post here), it hit me, what if I added small dots to the top of each bottle (the top because they are in a drawer and I am looking down at them) to keep track of how many I need to take.

Package of small sticker dots used for organizing

I went to my stationary drawer and pulled out these little sticker dots to carry out my organizing.

Vitamin bottle
Vitamin bottle with stickers on top

I placed dots on the top to indicate how many to take,

Vitamin bottle
Bottle of collagen pills

and if they were to be taken twice a day, I stagged the dots so I knew to take the pills in the morning and the evening.

Vitamins organized with stickers in repurposed box in dresser turned into a pantry

This method has worked really well for me for almost a year now and whenever I buy a new supplement or a replacement for something I've used up, I just add the right amount of stickers.

Plastic pill box case with AM and PM options for 7 days of the week

It also makes filling up my "pill" box much quicker than previously and makes me more inclined to take my vitamins.

If you like to purchase vitamins and supplements in bulk, you may want to consider ingredient bins for longer term storage organization.

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