How To Wrap a Gift When You Don't Have a Gift Box

This is a simple and free way to wrap a present when you don't have a gift box.


Simple Gift Wrapping Hack

Not too long ago anytime you bought an item of clothing to give as a gift, especially at Christmastime, you were asked if you wanted a gift box. 

Anyone else remember that? 

Well, now that does not seem to be the case. I've even asked if there were gift boxes available and have been very nicely told, "no".

So, my stash of gift boxes has dried up and sometimes, I like to wrap gifts rather than using a gift bag...which I do like but wrapping paper seems to spark good memories in me, so I use it.

A few years ago I bought my oldest son some Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirts and wanted to wrap them box fashion. 

What to Use Instead of a Gift Box

I was poking around the house, spied the recycling bin and voila! An idea was born. 

I saw empty cereal boxes and while they aren't the sturdiest thing in town, I thought they just might work.

I grabbed the two shirts I bought for my son and eyed things up to see if they would fit in the box and they did!

I wrapped the shirts in tissue paper before adding them to the box just to add to the element of surprise and to be honest, I didn't want to stick them directly in a cereal box. That might be a little tacky! 

I gently slid the shirts into the box.

And then closed the lid.

Now, Let's Get Wrapping

I then proceeded to wrap it just like you would wrap a regular box.


Without sounding all full of myself, I must say, I was quite pleased with how it turned out!

That's all there was to it! 

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What are your favorite gift wrapping tips?

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