JoGo Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw: Does It Excel?

As someone who takes their coffee seriously, the convenience of the JoGo Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw cannot be overstated. At first glance, one might underestimate this compact tool, but its simple ingenuity is what sets it apart. Designed to accommodate the busy lifestyle of most families it is also perfect for those who enjoy the rough and tumble of outdoor adventures, JoGo takes your brewing experience on the road—effortlessly and sustainably.

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Its patented design, barely larger than a regular drinking straw, easily fits into a pocket, making it a game-changer for both coffee and tea enthusiasts. The filter mechanism at the bottom is a noteworthy detail, fine enough to keep the grounds at bay without compromising the full-bodied flavor of a pressed brew. Users have found it to be durable, convenient, and surprisingly effective, whether enjoying a Turkish-style coffee or steeping their favorite loose-leaf tea.

JoGo Portable Coffee Brewing Straw taken apart with all pieces shown

Despite its petite frame, cleaning is a breeze: a quick disassembly allows for easy maintenance. The construction combines food-grade stainless steel with BPA-free silicone, assuring long-term use without environmental guilt. It's the thoughtfulness in the creation of this straw—from its eco-conscious approach to its adaptable functionality—that has users buzzing with approval.

JoGo - Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw Overview

In a fast-paced world, convenience is king, and the JoGo brewing straw stands out as a testament to this principle. It's designed for the aficionado of both coffee and tea who values ease and efficiency. Imagine a morning hike, your backpack snug against your shoulders, and with JoGo, you have the simplest French press style coffee without the press. Just a straw, some hot water, and your favorite ground coffee or loose leaf tea, and sipping a fresh brew becomes part of the adventure.

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A simple rinse under water is often enough to clean the straw post-use, making maintenance almost effortless. Its zero-waste approach appeals to the eco-conscious coffee drinker, doing away with paper filters and plastic pods that burden our planet. Despite its size, JoGo does not compromise on sturdiness; food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicone ensure you're sipping safely.

Yet, it's not without limitations. The very novelty of sipping hot beverages through a straw might be off-putting for some traditionalists. And while it excels in brewing fine-ground coffee and finely cut leaves, those preferring coarser grinds may have to adapt.

For outdoor enthusiasts, office use, or even an easy home brewing method, JoGo provides a balance of convenience and quality. It encourages sustainability without making it a chore and serves as a multifunctional tool for a variety of beverages. It’s not just for coffee lovers; tea enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados will find it just as handy and innovative.

On-the-Go Convenience

JoGo Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw on top of the convenient carrying pouch

The JoGo straw stands out for its unparalleled portability and ease of use. At a mere half-inch in diameter and 7.8 inches in length, this sleek device can easily slide into any pocket or backpack compartment. It's an excellent companion for travel or outdoor activities like camping and hiking, where space is at a premium. One can also find it handy for office use or a quick home brew, bypassing the need for bulky equipment.

Sustainable Brewing

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impacts, the JoGo straw provides a refreshing take on sustainability. The genius in this eco-friendly approach is the elimination of paper filters and plastic pods, which are common in traditional coffee makers. Instead, the JoGo straw's reusable design features durable food-grade stainless steel with a BPA-free silicone tip, striking the right balance between practicality and environmental responsibility.

The sustainability extends to its cleaning process; simply unscrew the removable filter for straightforward maintenance, avoiding the waste of water and cleaning agents. This thoughtful feature not only contributes positively to reducing your carbon footprint but also enhances the user experience by making clean-up a breeze. The simplicity of the straw's design promotes a zero-waste lifestyle, fitting neatly into any pocket for on-the-go brewing without the guilt of disposable alternatives.

The JoGo straw’s performance is commendable, adeptly keeping grounds at bay while delivering a robust flavor reminiscent of a French press. It manages to do this whether you prefer a steamy cup of coffee or a refreshing herbal tea, effectively filtering an array of beverages. It’s practical for everyday use at home, or as a trusty companion on outdoor adventures, embodying a seamless blend of sustainability and convenience.

High-Quality Materials

JoGo Coffee Brewing Straw out of the package

Upon first use, the JoGo Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw stands out primarily for the quality of its construction. The food-grade stainless steel ensures both durability and safety, promising longevity even with daily use. The BPA-free silicone accents are not only practical for handling but also contribute to the product's safety profile. These materials are suitable for all temperatures, making the JoGo a reliable companion for both hot and cold brews. Its sturdy built does not weigh down on convenience as the straw maintains a lightweight feel at just 1 ounce, belying its solid structure.

In using the JoGo, one notices the fine strainer's effectiveness, a feature that highlights the thoughtful design geared towards a premium brewing experience. While this quality craftsmanship advocates for its repeated usage, the materials also lean towards sustainability, offering a reusable option that diminishes the need for disposable brewing tools. Yet, it is this singular focus on function and form that may leave users wanting for more aesthetic variety beyond the pebble gray color.

Multi-Beverage Compatibility

Exploring the versatile nature of JoGo's brewing straw, it becomes evident that beverage lovers have something to celebrate. This innovative product isn't just for coffee enthusiasts. For those who fancy a cup of tea, especially loose-leaf varieties, JoGo proves itself as a reliable companion. It's refreshing to see how efficiently it handles different types of beverages, hot or cold.

4 frame collage of the brewing process of coffee using the JoGo Coffee Brewing Straw

The stainless steel construction with a built-in single serve strainer deftly separates the grounds from the brew. Whether sitting at a desk or hiking a trail, the ability to instantly steep a comforting hot or invigorating cold beverage without the need for additional equipment is a game changer.

Yet, while the straw excels with finer grounds and leaves, some users may find that very coarse blends require a bit more patience. It's this honest duality of the JoGo that enriches the user experience, letting them brew with an array of textures and flavors, while occasionally challenging them to fine-tune their technique for the perfect sip.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the enjoyment of a fresh brew anywhere you might find yourself, the JoGo straw offers a unique proposition. After giving it a thorough tryout, here are the assessed strengths and weaknesses.


  • On-the-Go Brewing: Impressively, this portable straw allows for brewing coffee or tea directly in the cup. Its simplicity means a hot, flavorful drink can be crafted almost anywhere, which is perfect for outdoor activities or office use.
  • Quality Construction: The sturdy stainless steel material and the high-quality filter provide a durable solution that keeps grounds or leaves out reliably. Users can expect a sediment-free drink, which speaks volumes about its effective design.
  • Ease of Use and Cleanup: JoGo is easy to disassemble and clean, with a removable filter facilitating a quick rinse. Its dishwasher-safe stature adds a convenient tick for those inclined to utilizing kitchen appliances for cleaning.
  • Eco-Friendly: For those environmentally conscious, the straw precludes the need for paper filters or plastic pods, aligning with zero waste lifestyles admirably.
  • Versatility: Beyond coffee and tea, the JoGo straw can be used for other drinks like yerba mate or certain cocktails, adding a layer of versatility that isn't found in typical brewing methods.


  • Unusual Experience: Drinking hot beverages through a straw might be an odd notion for some, possibly affecting the traditional drinking experience that many coffee and tea enthusiasts cherish.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: While the silicone tip aids in temperature diffusion, users may still need to be cautious about the beverage's heat prior to sipping to avoid discomfort.
  • Limited Volume: As it is a single-serve brew method, those who prefer larger quantities of coffee or tea in one sitting may find the JoGo straw's capacity restrictive.
  • Learning Curve: There might be a slight learning curve for the ideal coffee or tea ground size to prevent clogging, requiring some experimentation for the perfect brew.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining the JoGo straw is a refreshingly simple task. With a design that prioritizes convenience, the straw features a detachable filter, making it quick and straightforward to remove any residue. Users have found that after enjoying their beverage, they can easily unscrew the filter and use a gentle brush to ensure the straw remains free of grounds or leaves. The process is described as "effortless," a considerable advantage over more labor-intensive cleaning routines associated with traditional brewing methods.

The suitability of the JoGo straw for a dishwasher further enhances its appeal for those seeking a no-fuss post-use ritual. Diligent clean-up is a concern of the past; this straw's care is as uncomplicated as its brewing method. Many users are content with the durability and the quality of the materials, which endure through numerous cleanings without compromising performance.

In essence, the JoGo straw's cleaning ease contributes significantly to its overall user satisfaction, particularly for enthusiasts of outdoor activities, travel, or those who appreciate minimal cleanup time at home or the office.

Customer Reviews

After using the JoGo Straw, it's clear that customers find it an innovative solution for their on-the-go brewing needs. The common theme across feedback is the ease of use and cleaning; users appreciate the simplicity of dumping grounds directly from the cup. The high-quality materials and well-designed strainer come up often, preventing grounds from mixing into the drink.

Users rave about its versatility, with one even using JoGo as an efficient Bombilla for Yerba Mate, highlighting its excellent filtration capabilities. Tea lovers express delight over the elimination of extra brewing steps, making the JoGo a standout for enhancing the taste of loose-leaf teas.

Despite some initial skepticism, perspectives have shifted post-purchase, as evidenced by users taking to online platforms to share their positive experiences. JoGo’s thoughtful design effectively caters to the needs of serious coffee and tea drinkers—those who may have found the concept of sipping hot beverages through a straw unconventional at first.

Indeed, the utility JoGo brings to outdoor activities such as camping—replacing bulkier brewing equipment—has not gone unnoticed. The overall sentiment is one of satisfaction, with many hinting at a desire to purchase additional units, signifying the product's successful integration into their daily routines.

Bottom Line

For those in search of a portable, zero-waste solution for brewing coffee or tea, the JoGo straw presents a compelling option. It transcends the boundaries of traditional brewing, delivering a hassle-free experience without sacrificing quality.

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Freshly brewed cup of coffee made using the JoGo Coffee Brewing Straw

After thoroughly testing the JoGo straw, it's apparent that this innovative device delivers on its promise of convenience and quality. The straw's high-grade construction and effective built-in filter contribute to a clean, ground-free drink, be it coffee or tea. Users praise its simplicity in both usage and cleaning, highlighting the ease with which they can dispose of the used grounds directly down the drain. The added bonus of its portability makes it a favorite among outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy coffee or loose leaf teas while on the move, without the hassle of carrying additional brewing equipment.

However, some users may need time to adapt to the concept of sipping hot beverages through a straw. Despite this initial hesitation, the positive reception is overwhelming, with many customers planning to make further purchases. Through actual use, it's clear that the JoGo straw is a practical, well-designed solution for those seeking a mess-free and quick brewing experience on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using the JoGo Straw for brewing coffee and tea?

The JoGo is praised for its portability and ease of use, allowing coffee and tea enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite drinks without bulky equipment. It is particularly appreciated for its on-the-go brewing capability, making it a staple for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. Moreover, the design is environmentally conscious, negating the need for disposable filters or pods, and thereby reducing waste.

How does the JoGo Straw compare to traditional brewing methods in terms of flavor extraction?

Users have shared that the JoGo allows for a flavorful extraction of coffee and tea, closely resembling the richness of a French press. The built-in filter ensures that the essence of the coffee or tea is captured without the particulates, giving a clean and pure taste that traditional methods strive to achieve.

Can the JoGo Straw be used with any type of coffee or tea, or are there specific varieties it works best with?

The flexibility of the JoGo Straw is one of its high points. It is compatible with a wide range of coffee grounds and loose-leaf teas, including finer blends like Turkish coffee, without allowing grounds or leaves to pass through. Users also find it useful for other infused drinks, demonstrating its versatility beyond coffee and tea.

Is the JoGo Straw designed to last, and how does it hold up with regular use?

Crafted from durable food-grade stainless steel, the JoGo Straw has been reported to withstand frequent use without significant signs of wear and tear. The structure, including the screw-on filter, is made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity for the user.

Are there any health or dental concerns associated with using the JoGo Straw for hot beverages?

The JoGo Straw features a BPA-free silicone tip that provides temperature diffusion which helps to mitigate the risk of sipping overly hot liquids. Nonetheless, customers should exercise the same caution they would with any hot beverage to ensure that the temperature is suitable before consumption.

How easy is it to clean the JoGo Straw, and can it be maintained without specialty tools?

Cleaning the JoGo Straw is straightforward and does not require any specific tools. The removable filter allows for easy rinsing, and users confirm that a simple brush can clear any remaining grounds or leaves. The straw is dishwasher-safe, adding to the convenience of maintaining its cleanliness for repeated use.

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