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How to Make a Sock Snowman

How to Make a Sock Snowman – or a whole army of sock snowmen!

Did you ever see those cute snowmen made from socks?  I’ve seen them and always wondered how to make one.  It’s so much easier than I thought and there is no sewing required.  This would make a great craft to do with your kids and it’s super inexpensive.

How to Make a Snowman from Socks

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Does this Carrot Make My Nose Look Big Troy, the Snowman made from socks at


1 white tube sock

1 pair of colorful Christmas socks {I bought these at the Dollar Tree but you can get them just about anywhere this time of year}

Twine or string

2 black buttons

Black paint for the mouth

Orange paint or an orange chenille pipe cleaner for the nose


2 rubber bands

Snowman Sock body

1.  Cut the bottom off of a white tube sock and discard {or save for some other project ~ I don’t have one though so you’re on your own with that!}.

_MG_23592.  Turn tube inside out and place rubber band about an inch from the top and secure tightly.


3.  Turn your sock tube right side out.

_MG_2361 4.  Fill sock with rice.


5.  Secure top of sock with rubber band.


6.  Cut decorative socks as shown.  You’ll only need the top of the one on the left and the bottom part (without the toe) as well.  Ignore the one on the right….I was experimenting with cuts and didn’t isolate the right picture ~ if you have any questions, just let me know.  🙂

How to Make a Snowman From Socks at

7.  Place the top, cut apart, portion of the sock down over his midsection and secure with twine.  Add the bottom portion to his head for a hat and secure the top part with twine.

8.  Add the buttons for eyes, use the tip of a paintbrush dipped in black paint for the mouth and paint on a sideways triangle for the nose.

Snowman Made from Socks at

You can leave your snowman as is or use a chenille pipe cleaner for the nose ~ I liked him both ways but he told me he really wanted a ‘carrot’ nose and the closest thing I could find was the pipe cleaner.  😉

I hope you like Troy and if you make any of your own I would LOVE to see them!


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