Front Porch Herb-Garden View from Arbor

Herbs are the perfect Element of Summer.  You can use them in so many ways and they are so easy to grow, snip for use now and dry for use later.  

Fresh Cut Herbs Two

I have always dreamed of a kitchen herb garden.  One where I could open the French Doors off of my huge kitchen and cut some fresh herbs to use in something I was cooking or baking.  Since I don’t have French Doors off of my galley kitchen (there is a window that opens onto a roof below) I decided to make due and instead of having only flowers on my front porch this year I made it a Front Porch Herb Garden.  

Herb Garden from Arbor

I gathered some herbs I already had ~ the big pot of chives was grown by my youngest when he was only 4.  He loves that they come back every year and he pulls some off to munch on when I let him 😉 

I recycled an old bird bath base to hold a metal bucket filled with dill ~ I hope to use it for seasoning my pickles this year.  

Herb Garden Elements of Summer

 This rusty planter has rosemary and basil happily growing it and shares its space with a well worn wooden church.

Herb Garden with petunias

The pink pot contains Stevia which is new to me this year.  I’m excited to see if I can successfully harvest some to sweeten coffee and tea.  To the right of the Stevia in the metal pot is Hyssop ~ also new to me this year.  I need to look up some ways to use it.

Herb Garden with Purple Petunias

 This is definitely not an herb but I still wanted something flowering on the porch so right by the door is this lovely purple petunia ~ it was a hanging basket and I just cut off the hanger and placed it in this vintage wooden plant holder.

Front Porch Herb Garden Front Door

Here’s  a view from the front yard….there seems to be a lot of chaos in this area!  The clematis is once again taking over everything.  

Purple-Petunias Elements of Summer

 I just like this picture so it’s a bonus!

Fresh Cut Herbs One

 And lastly are some of my herbs cut fresh and laid out all pretty.  

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share with you some of my personal Elements of Summer ~ be sure to stop by the other tours below to see what they’re sharing! 







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