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The Red Garden Ladder


I always have a story for everything….part of the reason may be because my Mom passed away when my oldest son was only 2 and my Father passed when I was 7 months pregnant with my second son…which means my oldest is the only one who ever met my parents…my younger two only have stories and I want them to know as much as possible about their Grandma and Grandpa and all the others in the family that they unfortunately never met.  I attach some stories to objects when I can.  This ladder is no exception.  When I was born my parents were living in their dream home that my father built from the ground up all by himself starting with clearing the land and then building the house.  When I came along we lived in the house but a lot of finishing work needed to be done and anytime a ladder was used inside or for small jobs outside, this red ladder was it.  There are so many paint stains on it…so many colors that remind me of rooms of that home….moments spent sitting on the floor or on the ground watching my Dad paint….talking, talking, talking to him….him making me laugh….lots of good, good memories.  I have had this ladder for years.  When I first bought my house, Daddy gave it to me to use around my new home.  The ladder has seen better days…it isn’t very sturdy and I long ago replaced it with a lightweight metal one but could never bring myself to part with it.  The ladder was originally my Dad’s Mom’s ladderDaddy and Grandma loved to garden and so do I…so this year, I decided to put the ladder in the front garden bed.  Daddy spent many summer days sitting out on the ground in front of this house after dinner {after my Mom passed away Daddy came over for dinner almost daily…it was so nice to have him}…we would sit outside on the lawn with my oldest son running around the yard and playing while Daddy held my totally spoiled Pomeranian and we just talked, enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed those summer evenings.  The ladder now sits a few feet from where we did, holding a simple wooden church and lots of memories and the opportunity for so many stories and times spent with my boys sitting on the lawn telling them about their Grandpap and those precious summer evenings.

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