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Yard Sale Lawn Chair Makeover with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Makeover

A few years ago my husband and I went to a yard sale which we don’t do often but my sister called me and told me about this particular one and said that there might be something I would like so off we went.  It was already late in the day but there were two wooden lawn chairs still available and they were only $5.00 each.  They were in good shape and the cushions, though dated, were in perfect condition, just a little weathered.  I could see the potential in them and even if I didn’t get around to making them over any time soon I could still use them in my yard…score!

Yard Sale Lawn Chairs - only $5.00 each
Lawn Chairs After

(Excuse some of the photos-I can’t find the originals so these are the best I can do!).The above are the before pics – the chairs needed to be scrubbed up but they were definitely worth $10.00 for the set.This is the first makeover. I spray painted the chairs with pink and blue spray paint (not sure WHY I chose those colors…but I did!) and gave them a bit of a distressed finish.This was the way they stayed for a few years….but then, I got the urge to do them again and this time to go BOLD!

The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ vintage wooden chairs, flower box, french lilacs, rustic wooden box ~
The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ vintage wooden chairs ~

I chose Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Coral Gloss and Key Lime.The first time I painted the chairs I used a satin finish and I didn’t sand the chairs….I just scrubbed them well and then painted.  This time, though, I sanded the chairs first.  All the way down to the wood on some areas.  On the areas that were in pretty good shape I just sanded off any loose paint.  I also thoroughly washed and dried the chairs with a water-ammonia mixture.  After several coats of paint – it took 2 cans of spray paint per chair – I was thrilled with the results.  The chairs have held up beautifully and look so much better – so for the price of the chairs $10.00, and roughly $20.00 worth of spray paint I have two beautiful chairs that are perfect for sitting in my favorite place in the yard. 
I hope you enjoyed my Thrifty Style Team share for the month – for more thrifty inspiration check out all of the lovely posts below! 

The Secret to Creating a Cozy and Charming Outdoor Space ~ view of garden space from behind ~
hugs, mb new logo March 2016
Yard Sale Lawn Chairs get a Spray paint furniture makeover - the end result is fabulous! Get the details at
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