DIY Wrinkle Release Spray

I have a confession to make.  A few Some Most of the clothes in my house are wrinkled.  Yep.  There. I said it.  I wash, dry, fold and put away....but here's where the problem starts.  We have NO ROOM in our house.  Things are stuffed into drawers everywhere.  My two younger boys share a bedroom.  The older of the two has the dresser and the younger...he has a secondhand set of file cabinets for drawers.  Now before you go imagining a rusted metal cabinet on wheels these are oak and they are the kind used in legal offices.  They are very nice and deep and hey, the rest of the room is oak so they match.  The cabinet/drawers are huge but little guy loves his art supplies and the entire bottom drawer is filled with that so he only has the top drawer for clothes and they are jammed in there.  When he takes them out, he's a wrinkly little guy.  The rest of us are wrinkly because we just don't get rid of stuff.  No excuses.  Just packrats in a small house.

So now to this cool, cheap and super easy to make DIY.  I usually have a bottle of wrinkle release on hand but this particular day, I didn't have any.  I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest a while back and decided to give it a try.  I had nothing to lose.  It was so simple and it worked!  We even made a video so you could see how quickly it got down to business.

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray


8 ounces distilled or bottled water

DIY Wrinkle Release - 1 teaspoon of fabric softener in measuring spoon

1 teaspoon fabric softener

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray - 1 teaspoon alcohol

1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol


  1. Place all in a spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Set spray pattern to a fine mist.
  3. Spray on and use hand to smooth out the wrinkles.

And here's the full video watch it work like magic!

hugs, mb new logo March 2016

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  1. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    Oh my gosh! Your son is soooo cute!! I've never used a wrinkle releaser handy and fun!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Diane ~ he is my 'baby' ~ I wish time didn't go by so quickly. hugs

  2. Cindy Eikenberg says:

    Mary Beth - I had NO idea you could make this so easily! Wow - and your son is a total cutie!!! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing this awesome idea at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board and totally sharing on FB over the weekend! Speaking of which - have a happy one! Hugs!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks, Cindy ~ My little guy was the experiment. I appreciate you sharing and stopping by.

      Have a happy weekend,
      Mary Beth

  3. Love it!!! He's a pro!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks, Aunt Bee ~ miss you bunches! HUGS

  4. Linda @ Mixed Kreations says:

    They do grow up fast. )-; My girls are grown, but I have two grandkids that look close to the same age. I've been making my wrinkle release for awhile now. I don't add the alcohol. Still works good though. Next time I make some I'll add the alcohol, and try it that way. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Megan @ Our Pinteresting Family says:

    Hope to try this out soon. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. All is can say is wow! Great idea. Your son is adorable! Cutie pie.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Most Max's are really cute! Thanks, Malia.

  8. holy amazing! you should see the way I iron, you would make this for me!! I can't wait to try, thanks so much!!

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  10. What difference does the alcohol make?

    1. Mary Beth says:

      The alcohol is used to aid with quicker drying. The water alone takes a bit longer to air dry than the alcohol water combination.