Sensational Folding Furniture Ideas

Folding Furniture ~think grandma's card table and chairs, ironing boards and step stools just to name a few.  You can find folding furniture for a steal at yard sales and thrift stores and take it up a few notches for next to nothing $$$$ cash-wise. I have a board filled with inspiration at Hometalk.

I included my burlap, spray paint and iron on transfer folding chair on the board but found so many other great ideas ~ a chalkboard wooden folding chair and grain sack inspired laundry room table just to name a few.  Most come with full details on how you can updo your own folding furniture  so I hope you stop by and check it out {here} and and if you're not a Hometalk member browse around but be sure to carve out some's more addictive than Candy Crush!

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  1. A couple weeks ago I left a vintage folding table/chairs at a garage sale because I was just too overwhelmed with projects to think of one more. It was ridiculously cheap, like five bucks for the set. Yes I should of got it, what's one more thing in the garage right? At least that waiting project would of folded up.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I pass up 'stuff' as well and then kick myself later but I have NO MORE space left in my house unless I put the kids outside and for some reason, I'm thinking they won't go for that. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Miss Bliss! Hugs, Mary Beth

  2. Claire @ A Little Claireification says:

    What a great round up! It will make me think twice about passing some things up too!
    Lisa, Cindy & I are happy to have you over at our "Best Of The Weekend" party - pinning this!
    Have a great weekend!