Love is Timeless - Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day Gift Idea

My Father was one of the most amazing people I ever knew in my life.

When I was little, and when I was an adult, if something was wrong and he told me it would be okay, I believed him and that was that.

When I was 7 months pregnant with my second son, my Father passed away.  It was a few days before Father's Day.  It was, in one word, devastating.

All of these years later when I think about my Dad, which is daily, I remember so many wonderful things about him....

his smile,

his laugh,

his amazing sense of humor,

how strong he was,

how kind he was,

how much he loved the outdoors,

the smell of his cologne,

his love of animals,

and his watch.

He had the coolest operated via kinetic was a quality piece.....and my Father loved it.

After he passed away my sister gave the watch to her son and whenever I see my nephew I almost always look for it and remember it on my Dad's wrist.....

it's one of those things that lasts....

A Father's Love is timeless free Father's Day Printable from


When I was thinking about Father's Day and my Dad....I thought about his love and how it was Timeless....and that brought me back to his watch....

A good watch is a gift that lasts.....and lasts....and, too, is Timeless. Jord Watch

I had the opportunity to receive a JORD watch to give as a gift for Father's Day.  The JORD watch I chose was this Dark Sandalwood and Blue Carbon watch.  My husband and I decided that my oldest son should have it to celebrate his upcoming graduation.

Jord Watch - while driving

My son loves it and he and I laugh because we know that if Pap were still alive he would have wanted it and I probably would have ended up getting my Dad one as would have been the perfect Father's Day gift for him.  JORD watch for Father's Day


A Father's Love is Eternal. Father's Day Printable from

To celebrate Father's Day, and in memory of my Dad, I made the above free printable...just click on the picture or on this link (free Father's Day printable) and download and print it to give as a gift to your Dad!

JORD provided me with a watch for this post and the opinion I share is my own, as always! 
hugs, mb new logo March 2016A Father's Love is Timeless - free Father's Day Printable at


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  1. We are both so fortunate to have been blessed with wonderful fathers. Father's Day is a day of happy memories for me now, too. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations to you and your son. You must be very proud. I LOVE the watch your chose too.
    Have a blessed day my friend!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      We definitely were blessed to have such wonderful fathers, Diane! Thanks so much for stopping by - big HUGS! xo