This is a very easy tutorial that will show you exactly how to make leather feather earrings and includes a free template/leather earrings pattern. You can leave the leather earrings as is or use metallic paint to create your own gold leather earrings or any other color you would like to use as an accent.

How To Make Feather Earrings

If you like the look of leather earrings, particularly leather feather earrings, but not the price tag, you can make your own very inexpensively and it’s not hard at all.  These took less than 15 minutes to make and I used leather scraps, a few jewelry making supplies (complete list with links to similar items below) and metallic paint.

I’ve also included a downloadable feather leather earring template (leather earring pattern) near the bottom of this post.


Feather Earrings_Leather 2

Soft and fairly thin leather scrap {think selvage ~ if you have an old leather handbag, wallet, coat, etc., save that leather for a craft like this}

Gold Craft Paint {optional} and paint brush

Feather Earrings_Leather 3

French wire for earrings

Sewing machine

Feather Earrings_Leather 9

Small pair of sharp fabric scissors

Feather Earrings_Leather 4

1.  Draw the outline of a feather on a piece of cardboard and cut out.

Feather Earrings_Leather 5

2.  Trace pattern onto the wrong side of the leather.

Feather Earrings_Leather 7

3.  Use small sharp scissors to make fringes.

Feather Earrings_Leather 8

4.  Sew a straight stitch down the left of center then back up to the top of the ‘leather feather’.

Feather Leather Earrings from Cupcakes and Crinoline

5.  Make a small hole at the top of the earring and run ring through this hole and then add the french wire.

Feather Earrings_Leather 11

6.  If desired, brush a light coating of the gold paint on the bottom one-third of your earrings.  *Note that once this is dry you will need to gently separate the fringes.

These would be pretty to wear in the spring and summer with a prairie skirt or jeans and a light weave ruffled-shirt and cowboy boots!

Leather Feather Earring Template from

One more thing 😉 I wanted to give you an idea of the size of the earrings and you can see for yourself in the picture above.

I hope you enjoy and if you make a pair of these I would love to see them. Tag me on Instagram with your photo and I would love to share it (with your permission). 

White handmade leather feather earrings with hand painted gold trim.