Teen Snack Success - Goldfish Puffs #makeitgopuff

Pepperidge Farm Puffs Disclosure

Teen Snacks – Is There Such a Thing?!?{YES}

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks ~ it seems so easy when they’re little.  You buy something cute and tasty and they love it, but as they get older, well, tasty still cuts it but cute has become a thing of the past.  Up until just recently I could get the same snacks for my two younger boys but now that we are in the teen years, that’s just not working….until I found Goldfish Puffs at Target {you can see my shopping trip here on G+}.IMG_6681I think they’re cute {don’t tell J I said that}, they taste great with several flavor options and they’re bigger, i.e. PUFFY.

{Do you like my Goldfish Puffs side-by-side comparison with the standard no-puff Goldfish?}

Puffs on PlateThey even come in a cool, chip-like bag that has it’s own Seal Tab® {now I have no need to worry if a certain someone put a clip on the bag or just put it back into the pantry wide open}.  Pepperidge Farm Stay Fresh Seal

You Have to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies with Your Puffs

I have a thing for never leaving things well enough alone.  Sometimes that’s a good thing. I found a few simple ways to encourage my teen to eat his fruits and veggies.

First up ~Fruit

Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Puffs and Peanut Butter Apple Slices @cupcakesandcrinoline.comThis is an easy to make and delicious to eat mid-morning or afternoon snack.  I took an apple, sliced it up, covered one side with natural peanut butter and topped it off with a Goldfish Puff.

Pepperidge Farm Puffs and Fresh Apple Snacks

These were a hit ~ as you can see by the plate below.  P.S. These two weren't left for long…as soon as I snapped the picture, they were swimming downstream.

Snack Success

Second Up – Salad

Next up in my teen snack experiment was a salad.  I made a regular salad but instead of topping it with croutons and cheese, Goldfish Puffs were the topper of choice.  The only problem, I didn't add enough Puffs per my teen….with the addition of some more the salad was a hit!

Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Bacon Goldfish Puffs on a Salad

Hiking Snack

Goldfish Puffs Teen Snacks @cupcakesandcrinoline.com

Our last teen snack success was packing up the Goldfish Puffs for a day at a park in the country.  These were easy to transport, easy to seal up and easy to eat!

My oldest son goaded his little brother into sneaking some of the Goldfish Puffs out of J’s backpack ~ the video below shows what ensued!

My family and I love the traditional Goldfish Snacks and now we have a bigger, puffier version to add to our snack list!

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  1. Julia Stansel says:

    My kids love the regular goldfish,even as old at they are. I will definitely have to look for the puffs for them though! I never thought of topping a salad with them, that is a great idea! I absolutely love the video! Usually it's my girls chasing my son as he is always sneaking everyone's food, just like his older brother used to do! Thanks so much for sharing once again!

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  3. Jenn/Rook No. 17 says:

    Mmmm...those look delicious!!!

  4. debbiedoos says:

    I love this idea with the apple and pb. Both my boys loved gold fish. I have to look for these! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great ideas on mixing the goldfish with other healthy foods. We pretty much live on these snacks!