College Care Package Ideas for Guys

College Care Package Ideas for Guys from

If you have a son or know a young man who has either already headed back to school for the year or will be soon and you want to give them a little something to help them feel special I wanted to share with you some ideas from a Care Package I prepared for my oldest son.  

My oldest goes to school locally so I do see him everyday 😉 but he also is working his way through school so there are days when he leaves the house to head to work by 4:45 a.m. and doesn't get home until late at night (sometimes he works before and after classes so he's only home to sleep). For students with such busy schedules, considering essay writing services might be beneficial to manage academic workloads.

College Care Package Ideas for Guys from

Since he's running on empty a quick shower is usually all he has time for but being his mom I wanted to include some things in his care package to remind him to keep up with this appearance no matter how tired he is.  First on the list was a package of Schick® Disposable Razors from Walmart.  

I shared in a previous post how I keep reminding my son to stay clean shaven to boost his confidence and also to make a good impression - he needs to always be ready because you never know when an opportunity will present itself.  I also included a fresh smelling body wash, a body scrubber, some facial care products and some hair gel (he has crazy curly hair that needs to stay tamed!). 

College Care Package Ideas for Guys from

To keep him going physically I also wanted him to have some quick snacks to grab on the go....protein bars, his favorite drink, packaged crackers and some cookie sandwiches.

Sturdy Metal Tray and Buckets for Holding Supplies Now and Later

I pulled everything together in a handy metal tray that he can use after his snacks are gone (but he'll probably make sure I see it empty so I can fill it up again) and some metal buckets that can be used for holding supplies. 

Schick XTreme3 on a backpack

And just in case I notice he isn't keeping up with his shaving it doesn't hurt to throw some Schick® Disposable Razors on top of  his backpack where he can't possibly miss them! 

I'm sure he'll be looking for some info? and more care packages in the future!


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