So You Got Your First Smartphone-Now What?

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I've had smartphones for over 8 years now in one form or another but my husband and oldest son each just got their first.  Because using my smartphone has become second nature to me I didn't remember that there is, indeed, a learning curve involved with getting started.  They had lots of questions and this got me to thinking that you may as well so these are some of my best tips for what to do - and at the end of the post you can enter an awesome giveaway for a smartphone of your very own.  

So You Got Your First Smartphone-Now What 8 Tips to Help You Get Started from

Tips for What To Do With Your New Smartphone

First things first

  • Get familiar with your phone.  One of the first things you'll want to do is go into your settings, choose Wi-Fi and connect (if available).  You really want to be sure you don't use data if free Wi-Fi! Save that data for when you need it.  
  • Check out your camera and all it can do.  Having a smartphone gives you the ability to capture almost any moment you want but you don't want to find yourself fumbling with options, buttons and settings.  Practice taking pictures and remember the settings that work so when that picture-perfect moment happens, you're ready.  A few months ago I did a post all about How to Ditch Your DSLR and Take Awesome Pictures With Your Smartphone that I think you'll find helpful regardless of the phone you have.
  • Get a CASE.  This may sound like a no-brainer but some people don't get a case right away and then they regret it.  Smartphones can be very expensive and protecting them just makes sense.  My oldest son is HARD on things and while he had his flip phone for over 5 years it looks like it has been through a volcanic eruption.  For him, we got an OtterBox Defender and for my husband, who is a smidge older and wiser, we got an OtterBox Commuter.  
  • Screen Protectors:  We opted for Tempered glass ($24.99) for each phone but there are less expensive options.  The tempered glass provides strong and reliable scratch protection while retaining full-touch screen sensitivity.  My guys and I are mobile gamers so retaining screen sensitivity is a must.  I had put off getting a screen protector for my phone because I thought it would be bulky and it would effect the screen clarity but after I saw the screen protector on my husband's and son's phones I was sold and had one placed on my phone as well.  If doing it yourself worries you, you can have them do it at your local Verizon Wireless store.
  •  Apps.  There are two apps we all have in common, CCleaner to keep your Android clean, safe and fast (we use it on our home computers and it keeps them running well), and Podcast Addict which is the best free app I've tried for listening to and watching podcasts.  
  • Maximize battery life with a few simple steps.  Keep your battery cool.  Recharge your phone with the smart charger that came with your phone.  Adjust screen brightness to the lowest setting at which you can still comfortably see it.  Turn off features including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and live wallpapers.
  • Close apps when you are no longer using them.  My husband taught me, Miss Know-it-All, this trick just last week.  At the bottom of my phone there is an icon resembling tiles - this is where my most recently used apps are 'held'.  I didn't realize that I should go in and dismiss them.  By doing this I have added extra life to my phone between charges.  
  • Lastly, check out your smartphone manufacturers page for more detailed information regarding your device.  The more familiar you are with it the more useful and fun it will be! 

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