EASY Built In Shelf Redo Using Milk Paint

Built in Shelf Redo Using Milk Paint from 1980's Nightmare to Modern Elegance at Cupcakes and CrinolineMany moons ago I purchased milk paint powder and mixed it according to the label {I think I had to add water} and liked it...a lot...but then I forgot about it.  I have been painting a lot lately...small furniture pieces, accent walls, and a fabric chair, and had forgotten about Milk Paint.  I used the very expensive well known Chalk Paint that everyone loves and while I don't dislike it, it sort of didn't like me.  It was harder to work with than I thought it would be (again...could just be ME!) and I was a bit disappointed with my results considering the cost.  I see so many other bloggers whose furniture redos make me drool but mine...not so much.  I had almost given up on using anything but old school paint and then I tried General Finishes Milk Paint {no need to add water to this milk paint}.  Oh my goodness...I LOVE THIS STUFF.  It offers great coverage and dries with a subtle sheen and smooth, almost soft butter-like feel.

Built in Shelf Redo Using Milk PaintI have absolutely detested the built in shelves in my dining room forever...honestly...forever but I didn't paint them....hated them...scowled at them...made fun of them but still....didn't paint them...until a few weeks ago.  For my shelves I used 1 pint of General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint, 1 pint of General Finishes Basil Milk Paint, a double sided sanding sponge to roughen up my surfaces, premium finishing brushes, Green® Painter's Tape, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue and Chalkboard paint.  

Built in Shelves Before  and After using General Finishes Milk Paint from Rockler from Cupcakes and Crinoline

Because of constraints with space I only worked on a few of the shelves and it was actually fun to compare the before and after in progress.

Milk Paint, Chalkboard paint and Chalk Paint shelves at Cupcakes and Crinoline

I chose to alternate the colors of the back of each of the shelves anchoring with chalkboard paint in black in the center, Snow White Milk Paint above and below that, Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue next in line and the top shelf and bottom shelf having a backdrop of Basil Milk Paint.  It took 2 coats of the Milk Paint to cover the previously stenciled, cream-colored shelves and 3 coats of the chalkboard paint to cover the center shelf.  

In the next few weeks I'll be sharing with you a recliner redo with textile medium and the General Finishes Milk Paint ~ the transformation is amazing!

The General Finishes Milk Paint, Sanding Sponges, Paintbrushes and Painter's Tape are all from Rockler and were provided to me as a Resident Blogger of The DIY Club but all opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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  1. Linda @ Mixed Kreations says:

    Your shelf turns out very nice. I love how you painted the back of each shelf a different color. I bought some milk paint a while, and I really l Iove it too.

    Can't wait to see your recliner redo.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Linda. Have a great week!

  2. Donna Wilkes says:

    Wow, what a difference a few colors of paint make! Very creative use of the different paint to make the built-in shelf unit look special. I will have to see to believe the painted chair.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Donna. I hope to have the chair finished in the next few weeks. We have so much snow and cold the kids are always inside and I don't want them near it while it's drying and it's too cold to paint it in the garage so I'm a little behind in getting it done.

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  4. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    I'm not in the place to be doing any painting right now. But....you have me thinking about Milk Paint. I certainly will give it a try sometime. Your project turned out terrific, Mary Beth! I love the use of different colors in one piece. Once you get started...painting is really fun...if you like the paint. Details!! Haha!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I really loved the Milk Paint and in fact recently got some more ~ not sure yet what I'll use it for but I wanted to have it on hand in case the painting mood hit me.

  5. Inquiring minds want to know if you waxed the milk paint?

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Oh, Miss Bliss, you should know me better by now....of course I did NOT wax ~ was I supposed to????

  6. Lisa@ Cooking with Curls says:

    What an awesome transformation Mary Beth, they look awesome!! If I ever get a chance to stop cooking, I will have to check out this milk paint that I keep hearing about. 😉

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Lisa! p.s. Don't stop cooking ~ I love to look at your delicious treats!

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  8. Cindy Eikenberg says:

    Mary Beth - I love that you used different colors and it looks fantastic! I'm smiling because I have things that make me scowl in my house, too, but I have YET to do anything about it. Thanks for all the tips and thoughts on the paint, it's so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing and pinning! Have a wonderful Tuesday and a happy week!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Cindy! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that with things around the house. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Mary Beth

  9. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Your shelf looks so pretty Mary Beth, nice job!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Heather.

  10. Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says:

    I LOVE it Mary Beth!! I love that you used a variety of colors and types of paint too... what a difference!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I LOVE it Mary Beth!! I love that you used a variety of colors and types of paint too... what a difference!

  11. Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... says:

    What a fantastic redo Mary Beth! I have used milk paint quite a few times over the years but not lately... I think you have inspired me to try another project using it!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Cynthia ~ that means bunches to me coming from my you!

  12. What a lovely makeover. And so creative...love all of your color choices!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Sharon!

  13. Beautiful makeover! I love the color combo 🙂

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Debbie ~ I appreciate that. 🙂

  14. Nancherrow says:

    with all the painting projects
    i've done
    i've never actually used ASCP
    or milk paint!

    but your shelves
    turned out just lovely
    and i would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Just joined the party, Alison. Thanks so much for the invite. What time does your party start usually? {I'll add it to my calendar}

      Mary Beth

      1. Nancherrow says:

        Fridays Unfolded usually starts
        at about 3pm

        this week is a little earlier in the day
        and fiy-you are featured!


  15. kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor says:

    Such a great improvement! Love the different shelf colors!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Kristi!

  16. What a difference!! Love your choice in colors MB!!! Great work!! I also am digging that cake plate!! 😉

  17. Claire @ A Little Claireification says:

    Mary Beth this is beautiful! I am so inspired to try chalk paint again. Pinned and have a great weekend!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Claire.

  18. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage says:

    Love the 3 color choices - goodbye 80s!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks, Kelly ~ now if I could just say goodbye to my 80's hair! 😉

  19. Cathy@My1929Charmer says:

    I love how you used the different shelve colors. It's really so pretty. I'm glad to know you didn't wax either - :-}. Thanks so much for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  20. Katie Goldsworthy says:

    Beautiful Makeover!!! I'm going to have to try Milk Paint one of these days!!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Awww...thanks so much, Katie!

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