Free Printable Christmas Money Holders

When it comes to Christmas Gift Giving there are times when you just have no idea what to give someone, or, those instances when you know that money is exactly the perfect gift.

When money or a gift card is just the right thing, you need somewhere to put it and that's where these free printable Christmas Money Holders come in.

How to Make the Printable Christmas Money Holders

There are 5 different money holder options available.

Download the set, open, and print out only the ones you want or print them all so you have them on hand when needed.

I like to print them out on a heavier weight paper - this is my favorite.

Once printed, use some sharp scissors to cut them out.

Now that you've printed out what you need, cut out along the solid thick black lines.

Next, fold the Christmas money holders along the dotted lines.

If you're using the heavier weight paper, folding is easy with a bone folder. The bone folder allows you to get crisp lines.

Once the Christmas Money Holders are printed and folded, you can use a glue stick or some double-sided tape to glue the sides together.

You can even add some glitter, a bow, stickers, whatever you want, to make your gift stand out just a bit more!

Download the Christmas Money Holders Here.

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