DIY Leather Dangle Drop Earrings - Inspired by Joanna Gaines

DIY Leather Dangle Drop Earrings

I am a sucker for leather.  I have no idea why (and for those of you who are against anything leather I apologize if I have upset you).  I don't have a lot of leather items...I had a leather coat, once....I loved it!

A few years back I lost weight and I had two girlfriends at the time who were super encouraging and gave me clothes that a fancy friend of there's was going to take to a consignment shop and the leather coat was one of those items....I wore it, and wore it, and wore it literally until it started to fall apart...someday, I'd like another one just like it.

DIY black leather dangle drop earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines -

I like leather accessories as well.  I don't buy any but I have made some.  My sister used to work for a company that used leather for products they made and they would throw out the leather scraps.  One day, she brought some over for my youngest son to take to art camp.  What they didn't use at camp I kept.

DIY leather feather earrings "dipped" in gold - www.cupcakesandcrinoline.comIt's what I used to make these white leather feather earrings a few years ago and I used them to add loops to some color-coded cleaning must have color-coded towels, right? Leather scraps and jewelry findings to make leather dangle drop earrings. www.cupcakesandcrinoline.comA few weeks ago I saw Joanna Gaines sporting some very cool (of course...she is Joanna Gaines) leather earrings.  I grabbed some black leather out of my stash and got to crafting a copy.


Leather scraps - the ones I have are very pliable and soft but a heavier leather scrap would definitely be more like the originals I was inspired by.  You can buy leather scraps on Amazon but I've also seen them at Pat Catan's and you can probably find them at other craft stores.  You could probably even go to the thrift store and pick up an old purse, coat, belts, etc. and try that.

Jump Rings - 4

Fish Hook Earrings - 2

Sharp scissors

Jewelry Pliers

Nail Set 1/32 inchLeather scraps for dangle drop earrings - inspired by Joanna Gaines www.cupcakesandcrinoline.comCut two pieces of leather 1 ¾ inches long by ¾ inches wide.Use nail set to make hold for earring jump rings - www.cupcakesandcrinoline.comUse the nail set to make a hole near the top of each cut leather piece.  Depending on how thick your leather is you may need to use a hammer and tap the nail set to make a clean hole.  In either case you'll want to place the leather on a hard surface (such as a piece of scrap wood) before making the hole.Black leather dangle drop earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines - www.cupcakesandcrinoline.comInsert a jump ring, then another jump ring and then the fish hook earring wires into each leather scrap using the jewelry pliers to get a snug close on the rings.Black leather dangle drop earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines -

These feel so nice, not heavy at all, and are easy to wear even with no makeup in a t-shirt while vacuuming and then deciding to take a selfie 😉

Black leather dangle drop earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines - creating with

You can make these longer and a bit wider - I might do that with my next pair.

DIY leather earrings and white feather earrings dipped in gold and black leather dangle drop earrings. Get the tutorial at

So what do you think? If you decide to make some for yourself I would love to see them!

P.S. If you'd like to make your own Hanging Jewelry Organizer (like the one pictured above) you can get the full tutorial here.

hugs, mb new logo March 2016

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  1. Laura Kate says:

    I love how simple and elegant these are! And they'd make a great gift!!!

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you very much, Laura!

  2. Where did you get the earring hanger you’re using?

  3. sterling silver earrings says:

    Thanks for sharing this dangle drop earrings.