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How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

Save money and avoid unnecessary ingredients with this delicious, moist, and tasty Iced Lemon Pound Cake that's better than Starbucks!

Iced Lemon Pound Cake that's Better than Starbucks

Do you love a tasty copycat recipe? Something that will save you money and not have all those extra ingredients that are almost impossible to pronounce? If you answered yes to these two questions I have a delicious recipe for you ~ Iced Lemon Pound Cake that's a copy cat of, and in my opinion tastes better than, the Starbucks version.

Iced Lemon Pound Cake that's Better than Starbucks

I don't go to Starbucks often but when I do I like to get something from the bakery and the Iced Lemon Pound Cake is always on my list of possibilities, but, um, it's expensive especially if I am feeling Mom and Wife guilt and feel that I need to buy a slice for everyone in the family.  Cost of Pound Cake x 5 = UGH

Iced Lemon Pound Cake that's Better than Starbucks

In order to get my fix without having to go to Starbucks I decided to do some baking.  For this recipe, you'll want to use a good quality lemon extract and fresh lemon juice to really give it that lemon punch.


Pound Cake:

1 ½ cups flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon sea salt

3 eggs at room temperature

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons butter, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon lemon extract

 ⅓ cup fresh lemon juice*  - about 2 lemons

½ cup coconut oil** - can substitute vegetable oil


1 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons milk

½ teaspoon lemon extract


Preheat oven to 350°.

Grease an 8 ½ inch x 4 ½ inch loaf pan.

In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.  Set aside.

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

In a medium bowl, combine eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, lemon extract, and lemon juice with a mixer (or by hand) until well blended.

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and blend until smooth.  Add oil and mix well.

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

Pour into loaf pan and bake for 45 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes then gently loosen sides and allow to cool completely on wire rack.

When completely cool, make icing.

In a small bowl combine powdered sugar, milk, and lemon extract until smooth.

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

When loaf is cooled, spoon frosting over top.

When frosting has hardened (set) slice pound cake and serve!

Glass Citrus Juicer

*I have an old plastic juicer but I have my eye on this glass one.  I'm trying to replace "old plastic" in my kitchen with glass. Have you replaced your old kitchen plastic yet?}

**If the coconut oil is not in liquid form, microwave in 10-second increments until melted (can substitute vegetable oil) ~ If using coconut oil make sure your other ingredients are at room temperature before adding the melted coconut oil.  Once it comes into contact with "cold" ingredients the coconut oil will harden (which you don't want to happen).

When I was looking for recipe ideas for this I found that almost every recipe credited Todd Wilbur's and his version at TopSecretRecipes.com - therefore, this recipe, is attributed to him!

How To Make an Iced Lemon Pound Cake That's Better Than Starbucks

 What's your favorite baked good from Starbucks?

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  1. Oh yum!! Definitely one of my favorite desserts, too!! Your recipe looks amazing!!
    I actually have a vintage green glass juicer (in storage) just like the one you envy. It's got a chip in the foot, but oh, well, it still works great. Since I'm a terrible lemon squeezer and uses lots of lemons here in my temp apt., I picked up a little hand juicer and it works well.

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thank you, Diane! I would love to see your green glass juicer. We have a local antique store that has the glass ones. Someday, I would love to pick one up. I'm not sure if I'd use it or just display it. xo

  2. Hi! Haven't tried your recipe yet but definitely will soon. My ? tree is bursting with lemons! Not complaining ;o) I'm wondering if I could use lemon juice in the glaze instead of lemon extract? What do I think? Thanks! ?

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Hi Marta, I have been thinking about this one for a few days now and I absolutely think that you could use real lemon juice in the glaze. The lemon flavor would be a bit more watered down as extract provides more intense flavor but I think it would still be delicious! You could make it on the side, taste it (maybe even make a small test batch) and make sure you like it before you add it to the top of your cake. I hope that helps. xo, mb

  3. Julie smith says:

    Iv made this 2 times. So delicious.. but both times it has sunk in the middle. Once very much. Please help ! What am I doing wrong ??

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Hi Julie! I am so sorry the cake is sinking (but I'm glad you like it!). The one thing I would recommend is that you alter the baking powder and baking soda a little and try these measurements instead: 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. If you make it again, please let me know if this helped. kind regards, Mary Beth