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Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins

Close of up dollar store pumpkin painted white with a real pumpkin stem added. Authentic looking pumpkin decor.

DIY $1.00 painted dollar store pumpkins with real pumpkin stems…seriously easy, seriously cheap, and seriously pretty!

Welcome to this month’s Thrifty Style Team post. This is one of my favorite days of the month because I get to share something thrifty AND, I get to share with you the rest of the team’s wonderful inspiration (at the botom of this post).

Dollar Store pumpkins are cute..and cheap….but they look cute and cheap. They don’t have any real pizzazz but that’s what’s great about them.

Painted dollar store pumpkins used for fall decor.

You can do so many things with them like covering them in ruffly fabric (oh, yes, you can-check out how here), you can paint them, you can decoupage them (I haven’t done that yet), you can let littles put stickers all over them, and so many other things…but you really, really, shouldn’t just leave them be…because they are the perfect creative blank canvas.

Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins

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Painted dollar store pumpkins in a vintage dough bowl with an antique rolling pin.

You don’t need many supplies at all and this is an overall thrifty craft.

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Dollar Store Pumpkins

Craft Paint

Craft Paint Brush

Burnt Umber Glaze

Paper Towels

Paper Plate

X-acto Craft Knife (for removing the original stem)

Pumpkin Stems (see my tip below for where to get these)


Collage of dollar store painted pumpkins.

Choose whatever colors you want for your pumpkins. They can match your décor or be something wonderfully bold. There is no wrong choice.

Now, paint. 😉 The original color of these pumpkins is very dark so you may want to use one or two base coats to cover the orange before adding your main color.

Collage of dollar store painted pumpkins.

Once the paint has dried, apply burnt umber to the pumpkin creases (is that what they’re called?). Or any complimentary color just to make the shape of the pumpkin a little more noticeable.

If you don’t want to use real stems or replace the original stems, you’re all done! But, if you want to add a real stem, simply gently cut off the stem (or pull it off, I have had both versions) and then hot glue a real pumpkin stem to the top of your pumpkin.

And, that’s it. From start to finish allowing for drying times, you can make a whole patch of pumpkins in under an hour!

I save pumpkin stems from the pumpkins my family and I have carved in the past but there is also a very easy way to get them. When you’re at the store and see a giant cardboard box filled with pumpkins, at the very bottom of the bin any stems that have fallen off will be lying there just waiting for you to claim them. I usually ask someone working at the store if I can have the stems and they always say yes. The dried stems are extremely lightweight and easy to work with. The bottom is usually flat but if there are any areas that aren’t flat, simply trim them down with craft scissors and that’s it!

And now, for the rest of the Thrifty Style Team’s beautiful decorating ideas and inspiration!

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