Football Pepperoni Pizza

Football Pepperoni Pizza

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Game Day with my family is always fun with the anticipation for Game Time and, of course, the food!  I don't want to miss a minute of of the excitement so I like to plan in advance without too much fuss.  This is where a frozen pepperoni pizza comes in handy.Pepperoni Football Pizza - from a store bought pizza. Football Party Ideas from cupcakesandcrinoline.comI know my guys like to eat....that's pretty much all they do, but I like to make things fun to eat as well.  In honor of all the games we'll be watching in the next few weeks I made them this Pepperoni Football Pizza ~ it's so easy to make.

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Football Pizza:

1 DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Ball

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For this pizza I started with a DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza.  

Open up the package and rearrange the Pepperoni into the shape of a football.

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 Next, I used 2 slices off a Mozzarella ball and squared off the edges.  

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I then sliced the cheese into strips to use as the stitches on the football. 

#GameTimeGoodies #shop Cupcakes and Crinoline

Bake as usual.

Another easy dress up for store-bought pizza ~ 


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Extra Cheese Pizza:

1 DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese Pizza

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Ball

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Add sliced fresh Mozzarella cheese as desired

#GameTimeGoodies #shop 10

Bake as directed.

There you have it ~ 2 super quick and simple ways to to have a Football Party without you having to miss a play.  

hugs, mb new logo March 2016


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  1. I totally agree that pizza is the perfect party food! It's easy to make and everyone loves it! #client

  2. Great ideas! We do sports, so the pizza will be fun! Thanks

    1. Mary Beth says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know, Darla! Enjoy