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Thrifted Vintage Porch Decor

 Most of the items in this room of my house are thrifted vintage items or items that have been passed down to me and even the newer items l have a bit of a vintage vibe.

Come In We're Open ~ thrifted vintage porch decor

Summer Thrifted Vintage Porch Decor

Sofas to saws, pillows to plants, this porch has all the lovely, comfy layers of a good family room. 

I don’t often share this part of my home but it is my favorite spot to just sit and ponder. 

When I first saw my home I was young and had opinions (a lot!) and this house was everything I didn’t want in a house. I had a list of NOTs and this house fit them all to a T except for one small thing that ended up being the turning point for me.  

I remember the first time I laid eyes on it ~ a cedar sunroom on the back of the house.  The day I first saw it was a warm one and the windows and doors had all been closed up tight…when I walked in the warmth and aroma said “home”.  

I knew then and there that this was the house for me.  It was such a little thing but it was “the” thing.  I’ve decorated my sunroom so many different ways since that first time but the prevailing style has always been vintage.  


  • Use items that still have a lot of life and usability left in them to decorate this outdoor space. Shop your own house first.
  • A dresser outdoors? Yes! If the porch is covered and the dresser is up against an interior wall. Use the dresser to stow items for entertaining such as plates, napkins, cups, and silverware. With everything right on hand, last minute entertaining is a breeze! You can also use the drawers to hold beverages such as water bottles or soda pop. 
  • Create a flow with color, texture, or a theme. This room has some items that were my father’s and grandfather’s including saws and an antique folding ruler.
  • Sunrooms and porches are usually close to flowerbeds so I also added terracotta pots, figurines, and plants including a succulent arrangement in a thrift store strainer.
  • If entertaining is high up on your list, include seating areas and areas to eat comfortably.
  • Just like the rest of your home, allow this area to reflect your personality with little touches that make you smile when you see them.
  • Lastly, cover the windows with something sheer enough to allow a warm summer breeze to fill the space but to also offer a bit of privacy if necessary.[/box]

Bowl of lemons on a summer table

I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything new furniture-wise for the sunroom.  To me, I wanted it to be like a Grandma’s back porch, warm, cozy and a place to relax, read, laugh and share.  I used to have my parent’s old kitchen table and chairs back here and we ate a lot of summer family meals around that table…I shared meals with my Mom, Dad, brother, and brother-in-law….all who are now gone…but the memories of those meals and times shared lingers.

String Lights in Sunroom - thrifted vintage porch decor with small table and chairs

The table, too, is gone and in its place is my parent’s old card table…I have plans to spruce it up a bit this year but for now, it’s covered with a vintage fabric tablecloth and mismatched wooden chairs. 

The beauty of creating a thrifted vintage space is that it’s not necessary for everything to match. This is a comfortable space, not a stuffy formal room.

Plants and succulents in metal strainer on top of a waterfall dresser in a thrifted vintage porch.

There’s a waterfall dresser in the one corner with its original handles that are tainted with a bit of rust from exposure to the moisture fluctuations. This is not only perfect for displaying some odds and ends but also serves to hold supplies for entertaining.

Vintage Bohemian Decor ~ bHome Summer Open House at

There is a thrift store basket filled with terracotta pots and in front of it is my Dad’s ruler. I shaped it into the letter M ~ the letter of my first name, my last name and my Daddy’s middle name…..

Vintage colander with succulents and terracotta bird ~ Vintage Decor Summer Open House at

There is also the vintage colander that I shared a post about a few years ago with some succulents…the succulent has had a few babies in the last few years and there is a terracotta bird to keep them company.  

Antique rusted saw

On the wall next to the dresser there is a painting that I thought was perfection when I was little…it hung above the buffet in my parent’s dining room.  Next to it is a saw that is rusted as well….the saw that belonged to my Daddy and was used to build my parents’ house.

Wooden Clothes Wringer

There’s an old washboard that was my Grandma’s and an antique washtub wringer that was my Grandma’s as well.

Wicker Sofa and coffee table

The seating area consists of a wicker sofa that was my Father’s. A few years after my Mother passed away my Father bought wicker furniture for the front porch of their home….it was one of the last things he purchased before he passed away….

Close up of price tag on the back of wicker furniture

the tags were still left on the sofa and I’ve never taken them off.

Vintage Bohemian Back Porch Decor bHome Summer Tour at

There’s a rattan couch that does not match with down filled cushions that are unbelievably comfortable ~ I covered the couch with a king-sized comforter and the pillows are covered with some vintage linens and a bandanna.  

The sofa was given to us by friends from church. A few years ago we needed a new sofa for our house desperately. I prayed for one and all of the sudden out of the blue (not so blue really) we had three sofas given to us without me ever saying a word to anyone that we needed a sofa.  

One of the sofas we have in our living room, one in our downstairs family room and this is the third one. I have since stopped praying for sofas.  😉 

Large rooster clock, wooden washboardThe wall next to the sofas has the washboard, a large rooster clock and a vintage replica mirror. I love the way the mirror reflects the yard. Sun room windows and Dad's ladder

The wall of windows is my favorite part of the sunroom. I have the windows covered with the meshy curtains from Ikea. I have them hung with bamboo rods from the top ($2.00 a rod…not too bad!) and since they would puddle on the floor I have them tied in a loose knot to give them some structure.  

In the corner is my Daddy’s ladder….back in the house where it belongs. 

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Sunroom after hours with string lights

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Collage of thrifted vintage porch decor

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Saturday 27th of June 2015

It is vintage and cosy and personal. So many memories and feelings. It has character and that, I came to realize, is the most important element.

Mary Beth

Saturday 27th of June 2015

Thank you so much for your very sweet comment! :)

Michael Wurm Jr

Sunday 21st of June 2015

This is such a great room full of beautiful memories! Just fab.

So happy to be on this tour with you.

xo Michael

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Thank you so much, Michael!

I'm so happy to be on this tour with you as well.

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